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Leon (Almas son) for *Helix-Wing V u V
i owed her!

Gosh i cant draw lately,Managed to catch some slight artblock/style confusion / motivation block, yes everything in one.

perhaps draw his other half later if i manage too V_V
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this is soo awesome :iconasdfghplz:
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    khdsglshahlsg gorgeous ;w;
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Great job ^^ I really like this!
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Wow! Great work and whats up with *I can't draw lately*...? o.o
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Really like the variation of color in the eyes; very attractive (in a completely non-sexual way).
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Eeeekk! So shmexy... ~Drools~ :drool:
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he kinda looks like kagamine len from the song canatrella
i love the shading and the colors are so soft :3 awww
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What do you mean "...i cant draw lately..."??!?!? this is amazing!
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The motion created by the flowers and the oblique angle of Leon makes it that the white background doesn't detract from what you've created. What strikes me is how your values aren't murky and are quite distinct without looking unrealistic.
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Reminds me of some combination of Ciel phantomhive and Len Kagamine XD
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I was thinking something like that :lmao:
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You know, I was thinking the same thing... Except more along the lines that the Vocaloid fic I'm writing involves an early version of Vocaloid, Leon, as Len's dad... O_o This gave me so much unintentional artistic inspiration.
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I swear I thought that was Prussia surrounded with his pet chicks.
still EPIC! XD
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This... is.. awesome...
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