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L4D time [Zombies AU] by aidmoon L4D time [Zombies AU] by aidmoon
yeap trying my new brush to lineart and i think im in love with it uwu. Also.. more Zombies Au! things xD!! Or should i say L4D fanart.
We are ready to fight a invisible tank ffff *cries* Loading 4 Dead

Ocs (c) Heart :iconaidmoon:&:iconflamongirl13: Heart
BG not by me

:bulletpink: Edit: Alsooo Guys don't forget to check out this awesome stories made by my friend Flamongirl13, they are related to this Zombies!Au (BURNOEL ship)  Miuna Crying Icon They are beautiful. *drowns in feels*

Pairing: Burnoel/Jurnie/Joelnie/BurniexJoel/Burnman/whatever you wanna call it.

Summary: Zombie!AU. A promise holds a lot of weight when the world is ending.

Warnings: Implied mpreg(?) or surrogate, major character death, brief and vague mentions of gore and violence

Pairing: Burnoel

Summary: Zombie!AU. “Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.”

Warnings: Mentioned major character death, and possibly a river in Egypt.

Bullet; PinkInstagram [at]Aidmoon
Bullet; PinkTumblr aidmoonsketchiesanddoodles.tum…
Bullet; PinkPatreon
Critique Is OFF~!
Flamongirl13 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
Now I can leave you a proper comment :heart:

I already told you I love this, but not exactly how much. You did such a fantastic job drawing my design! I look so cool here |D And I never look cool. It's like against the laws of nature, but there I aaaam looking ready to take on some zombies with the best person to have at my side. The expressions are fantastic, I bet we're hearing the shaking and roaring of the tank as he tries to find a way into the building (or the regular zombies if we're not talking L4D version). And again, I really love the little star you put on my bag. It's a small detail, but it makes me super happy you includes that. Definitely keeping that in the design!

And the weapons and wounds and blood look so good too! You say you don't know how to draw guns but I think you did fairly well. I really do like how you made the blood look on my katana (my favorite melee * A * bat comes close second). It just looks really good and natural.

You did an amazing job, Aide :huggle: And I love this bunches. Thank yoooou
aidmoon Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Danisnotonfire: FEELS Heart
Your comments are always the best riss ; A; *hugs forever*
Im glad you liked the little star <333!! i thought you would like it ;///; and it makes me so happy to know you did <333!!
You are the one always protecting me riss hug  ; w; of course you are really cool uwu bad ass tank killer (i cant barely shot them ; A;) Hug  Heart

I hope to make more pictures soon uwu 
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