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Order of the Phoenix - Mundungus Fletcher



started a little project of my own and as I know myself I will never finish it :D (Big Grin) but anyway... my idea was create portrait of the new (or restored) Order, similar to the one given to Harry by Moody.
I create order members separately and if I ever finish them all, I will make full group portrait (fingers crossed :) (Smile) )Till then I'm gonna submit them individually.
And please, although I inspired by the movie appearance a lot, in some cases I tried approach to the book, mostly I followed my own imagination though in some cases is not accurate; so please be gentle in comments :) (Smile) (and sorry for my unreadable handwriting , I've tried my best :) (Smile) )
new lesson for this week - never ever give promises, when you are in the middle of final exams :) so I'm sorry for another delay.

well, as next here is Mundungus Fletcher, not so very popular little filthy thief...I want him to look bored, and unlike the others he's not looking to the camera, but more like he rolls his eyes like he didn't want to be there anyway. Honestly he looks so terrible something between holmes and park perv :D

Yet I hope you like it :)

- Elphias Doge:
- Rubeus Hagrid:
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Mundungus may often not want to be there, but he's got plenty of good moments about him that shouldn't be discounted, especially in "Order of the Phoenix". I love this artwork. :):)