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Order of the Phoenix - Fleur Delacour



I started a little project of my own and as I know myself I will never finish it :D (Big Grin) but anyway... my idea was create portrait of the new (or restored) Order, similar to the one given to Harry by Moody.
I create order members separately and if I ever finish them all, I will make full group portrait (fingers crossed :) (Smile) )Till then I'm gonna submit them individually.
And please, although I inspired by the movie appearance a lot, in some cases I tried approach to the book, mostly I followed my own imagination though in some cases is not accurate; so please be gentle in comments :) (Smile) (and sorry for my unreadable handwriting , I've tried my best :) (Smile) )

so with two days delay and apology *cough* final exams :) Now When I have most of them finished, I could over whole day and night draw (and watch Ice Hockey :) ) instead of learning (I never want to put hands on that bloody scripts again ) another pisture should be submited on Saturday, as usual.

So anyway...
As another order member here we go - Fleur Delacour - I wasn't quite sure If she does or does not properly belong to a Order members - of If she is more like than ally, you know like Andromeda and Ted Tonks, Madame Maxime atc..., but one of my friend, who is a fan of her (and Bill :) ) , convinced me :) Btw Same philosophical problem I have with Hagrid:thinking: :confuzzled: :baffled: , so I would gladly hear your opinion in the comments :D
She is described as an unearthly beautiful. That was bigger problem I would expected. I usually draw the cute dorky geeky kind of beauty, so this was really REALLY challenging for me :D

So hope you like it :) (Smile)

- Alastor

-  Elphias Doge:
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