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Order of the Phoenix - Albus Dumbledore

I started a little project of my own and as I know myself I will never finish it :D (Big Grin) but anyway... my idea was create portrait of the new (or restored) Order, similar to the one given to Harry by Moody.
I create order members separately and if I ever finish them all, I will make full group portrait (fingers crossed :) (Smile) )Till then I'm gonna submit them individually.
And please, although I inspired by the movie appearance a lot, in some cases I tried approach to the book, mostly I followed my own imagination though in some cases is not accurate; so please be gentle in comments :) (Smile) (and sorry for my unreadable handwriting , I've tried my best :) (Smile) )
well another week, another order member, and because we are in half (yeey! :D ) time comes for the most important of them all, founder of the order himself - Headmaster of Hogwarts Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot - Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. I was trying to draw him as he looked in book, oldie kind-looking, with crooked nose and beards full of secrets :D (but I have to admit that, I'm not quite happy with result, because of his beards, he looked completely desperate, and no matter how hard I've tried, I can't make him smile :) )

Hope you like it :) (Smile)

- Dedalus Diggle:

- Emmeline Vance:
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Really, an excellent Dumbles!
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thank you :hug: and thanks for all the favs ;)
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I think you totally got his look ;)
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:D :D : D

What an Amazing portrait of Dumbledore (One of My Favorite Characters)

good luck finishing this project! I'm seriously looking forward to see the end product! 
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Thank you for your support :hug: I hope I will fulfill your expectation :-)
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Pod fousama se úsměv dělá blbě. :-) A je skvělej, líbí se mi, že se víc podobá prvnímu Brumbálovi, nic proti Gambonovi, ale nějak mi nesednul.
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Byl milej, ale byl jako zhulenej hipík :-)
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Tak Brumbál no... :D
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Aaaa! Brumbál. :D Je úplně přesnej. Prostě je to on! :D
Super. Jsem ráda, že to tak pokračuje. :D Těším se, až tuhle sérii obrázků uvidím kompletní. :meow:
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Jediný co mě na něm štve, je že se mi nepodařilo mu udělat úsměv, to ty vousy... :-)
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Nice work! :D Not desperate. There's a hint of twinkle in his eyes. What made Richard Harris's Dumbledore so perfect. :nod:
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thank you :hug: I'm really glad you think that :D
Yet again another very nice job, question for you, when you finish this series, will you continue to maybe to the death eaters or teachers in this style?
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Thank you very much :hug: and - well - I was thinking about it (alot :) mainly about death eaters) but the finals are coming, and this already took me a lot of study I won't say that I won't do It, but also, I can't promise anything. I have some marauders era doodles (like face portraits of characters, back in 1979 - and it contains Bellatrix and Narcissa with Lucius) but I'm not quite sure, if It's good enough for submit.
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he looks sooooo in character, and awesome colours!!!!!
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