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Order of the Phoenix - Alastor Moody



I started a little project of my own and as I know myself I will never finish it :D (Big Grin) but anyway... my idea was create portrait of the new (or restored) Order, similar to the one given to Harry by Moody.
I create order members separately and if I ever finish them all, I will make full group portrait (fingers crossed :) (Smile) )Till then I'm gonna submit them individually.
And please, although I inspired by the movie appearance a lot, in some cases I tried approach to the book, mostly I followed my own imagination though in some cases is not accurate; so please be gentle in comments :) (Smile) (and sorry for my unreadable handwriting , I've tried my best :) (Smile) )
Well then, I'm back. After more than a twenty hours of intense swearing, begging, more swearing, drinking of litres of coffee, even more swearing, helping by my IT friend, and finally ultimate swearing; I manage to repair my drawing program (I was never so happy and exhausted on the same time)

Anyway, we can continue, and as another order member, there is the toughest one of them all. Alastor Moody, former auror, and DADA teacher (sort of :D ) It's hard to say if Moody was one of my favorites, when more than a half of his appearances he is Barty Crouch junior - but according to that even Dumbledore, trusted him almost till the end, I suppose He would transfigure Draco to a ferret also :D

Hope you like it :) (Smile)

- Kingsley Shacklebolt:

- Fleur Delacour:
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I really appreciate this picture. it's golden!