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Order of the Phoenix 1995



I can't believe, that is really over...something that began as redraw of really old (and really ugly :D) pictures, over my friends pushing "draw me a Sirius, draw me a Sirius" to a crazy plan to draw entire order...well it's nothing extra, but it's the biggest thing I've ever done :D (Well and I found that I'm lame at shadowing :D :D )
Thank you for your amazing support :hug:
Recently I started new project -Harry Potter New Generation - please let me know If you would like to upload them separately (or more precisely in small groups) like I've done with this project, or You think that Internet is overfilled with me, and want only final work :Dhelp <- hahaha I love this one :D

Hope you like it :D

my other HP works:…

From left to right: Emmeline Vance; Molly and Arthur Weasleys; Sturgis Podmore; Severus Snape; Minerva McGonagall; Albus Dumbledore; Sirius Black; Remus Lupin; Tonks; Alastor Moody; Kingsley Shacklebolt; Hestia Jones; Dedalus Diggle; Fleur Delacour; Bill Weasley; Elphias Doge and Mundungus Fletcher
(Hagrid is on his way to giants, so he got portrait of his own: )
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