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Well it looks like I'm close to getting my 5000th pageview on DA.  And since I need some artistic inspiration I'm willing to take picture requests.  Even if I don't normally draw something, I think it's good practice to try.  

No one would have to pay anything since I'm not promising any particular level of quality, so let me know what you guys want by responding to my journal entry.
Okay since it seems that no one caught my 3000th pageview, I have decided to make a free piece of art to the first person who asks. (please put the request for art as a comment on this journal entry)  The request can be anything that you want me to draw.  I'll try my best with whatever you'd like me to draw.  This is a good opportunity for someone else to draw an original character of yours for example.

Remember, I'm only doing this for the first person who responds to the journal entry.  It can be anyone on DA, even if you've never been to my profile before.
I'm very close to getting my 3000th pageview.  Anyone who catches it (with a screen shot as proof would be nice) can ask me to draw them something.  I'll try my best with whatever it is you guys want me to draw.  Good luck!
Just a few minutes ago, I finally entered my neopets petpet for the petpet spotlight.  Took me forever to get the writing part done.  The picture for the spotlight is posted on here, but I had to take my DA username off the picture in order to submit it to the spotlight.  So I'm letting you guys know ahead of time that no one stole my picture (yet...)just in case I do win the spotlight by some miracle. You'll know if I actually do win since I'll be happy about it all week.
Whoever gets my 1000th view, if you want me to do a piece of artwork for you then I'll try my best.  Just let me know.
Apparently I misunderstood the ways of the beauty contest on neopets, since I've never entered before, and the picture that I did of my bruce will be showing up in the next beauty contest (hopefully).
Looks like I accidentily submitted the lineart version of my newest deviation by mistake.  Then I had to submit it again.  Well at least it's up.
Just a little update.  Now I finally have some time to make some short comic ideas that I've been dying to make.  I hope to get most of them done at least with the line art.

By the way, for some strange reason DA decided to blank out a lot of the people that I had on watch.  I had to click all the little boxes just so that it could be the way it was before.  That means that a lot of the people that I had on watch and friends were put there again.  Just so you guys know.
Yay!  I finally made myself an avatar.  I took a picture of this giraffe plushie or stuffed animal I own.  I just love giraffes.  How can you not like the fur pattern they have.

Anyway, I had such an irritating time trying to get the file size small enough.  But I got the hang of it and now I have a giraffe plushie avatar!
Yay, I finally made a new picture of something with a computer program!  Normally a picture would take forever to color, but now I have learned the properties of the magic wand tool.  This will hopefully mean that I'll be able to create nicer colored picture in a lot less time.

Note:  Wow!  I already have over 100 views.  I guess that's what happens when you put a lot of people on watch.  lol
Since I got my sister old digital camera as a christmas present, I decided to upload some of the pictures that I've taken.  I've only taken a few so far, but they're still nice.  My friends would definitely kill me if they found out though since some of the pictures are of them.
I decided to put up the sketch that I did of Mega (my usul) as my next deviation.  It's mostly because I didn't like how it counted the desktop that I put up as a deviation.  I didn't know it would counted the image that way.  At least the Mega sketch is my own work.  I'm hoping to color it in the future or make another sketch and color that one instead.
The very first picture that I put up is in the scrap section of my lookup.  It's just because the picture is only a sketch and not colored in at all.  I've been meaning to color it or at least ink but I don't want to ruin the sketch since it's so cute.
Well I finally made a deviantart account.  I know a lot of people who have one as well so I thought it was about time.  I don't really have any pictures to show right now, but hopefully I will soon.  Since I'm not sure how or where this journal entry is going to be, it's staying simply as an introduction.