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.: Soonex Clock :.

By AidenDrew
Check out my blog, there you will find more Rainmeter skins from other users .  
Rainmeter Skins 

Update (10/09/2020) English:
            . Now you can change the size of the skin with the mouse wheel.
Go with the Mouse over the skin,then move the Mouse Wheel "UP" (to increase skin size), or "DOWN" (to decrease skin size), and the skin will be "bigger" or "smaller".

Update (10/09/2020) Español:
            . Ahora puedes cambiar el tamaño de la piel con la rueda del mouse.
Mueva la rueda del ratón sobre la Skin "ARRIBA" (para aumentar el tamaño de la piel) o "ABAJO" (para reducir el tamaño de la piel), y la piel será "más grande" o "más pequeña ".

Wallpaper  Darken Green 

Soonex Clock V.2  
Soonex Clock V.2 
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How to download this skin for rainmeter?

como lo descargo? no me aparece el icono de descarga


Would you give the code to an aspiring skin developer? I have made some skins but none as nice as this and I want to see how it was made?

We gotta buyh this? :(

guys, i need points to make this purchase

where can I change the voice output for the time ?

nadie te lo va a comprar, mejor déjalo gratis

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De hecho si lo están comprando jajaj🥳

Mouse Wheel doesn't appear to do anything to the size...

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That's weird, it works perfectly. 🤔

All I have to do is hover on one of the numbers and scroll up and down? or is there more to it?

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the cursor on any skin, and move the mouse wheel. Yes!

Ah, yeah, that didn’t work...

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Uhmm I'll see what happens because here it works well.

make it for free stupiiid

he wants da money

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you can pm me today, just use that note feature

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@Sucunettu don't worry fam i got this. PM me in a few days atleast 3 days from now, that's if you are serious, your situation will be sorted out

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