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.: Senja Suite 1.0 :.

By AidenDrew
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Check out my blog, there you will find more Rainmeter skins from other users . Rainmeter Skins 

Wallpaper : Donker 


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can't afford this :( It looks so good though

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Can i get it for free? PLSSS :3

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we cant afford fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

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if you want the skin pm me, that's if you are serious

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could you send the skins pack to this email becoz i cant fucking afford this

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a freind by the name of renman will send this to you, his trustworthy

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oh thanks man, when i am able to afford this i will surely pay for it again.i really appreciate this. I will surely pay for this when i can. Thank a lot man! :-)

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you're welcome.

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alright will see

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can be downloaded by buying the skin with points.

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I am new to this how can I earn points and from where can I it , because I liked this rainmeter skin

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The only way is by buying points, before there was an account(bot) that gave them away but it no longer works.

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The download link?

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How do I customize the slideshow?
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Is there a way to have the taskbar always open?
For instance when the program starts can i have the taskbar set to be expanded instead of having to manually click it.
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I need this suit...give na?
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how to use spotify? 
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link please for download
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Spotify is not working
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This says nowwith Spotify player but it's not working. Could use some assistance.
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the wallpeper
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