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.: Lembah Suite :.

Check out my blog, there you will find more Rainmeter skins from other users .  
Rainmeter Skins

Lock Screen is included.

Inspiration : Lembah by unfinishstory

Wallpaper Vintaged 

The default passcode is 789 .

If you want the skin I also accept payments via paypal.
Those interested can send me a note and we will coordinate.
© 2015 - 2021 AidenDrew
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It's so beautiful

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how can I get back to m,y desktop from the lock-screen. I,m getting stuck at the lock screen & dont know any way to come back to the pc desktop. plz let me know how to do it? is there has any shortcut key or any password?

The password is 789.

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my friend the weather not work for me. a bit help plz
are you able to add more links to the upbar?
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Hi, i've two monitor so how can i made the lock work for the 2 monitors at the same time ?
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Sorry but i don't know how to do that :c
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How does the lockscreen work exactly?
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Lock the screen, isn't it obvious ? hehehe 
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Wait - so it can replace the actual lockscreen? Dayum. Does it also do word passwords?
When will this be free?
It will be much much much more amazing when you make it free :)
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Bought ! , This skin is amazing :D
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Before it was free nha ? ;-;
(No credit card D:,)
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looks very clean and minimalistic. Good job.
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Do you think you will made this ?…
Sorry i've a bad English

Beautiful Setup too :D
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Well done! I likes it!
how to change the passcode?
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