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Glass 0.1

By AidenDrew
Check out my blog, there you will find more Rainmeter skins from other users .  
Rainmeter Skins

Sorry but WMP is not included :( ... but you you can use these  Metro M.Player :D
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Hallo, I will said it because I don't know the reason of why my work is here but it can not be used as rainmeter skin or other uses, except for personal wallpaper in own devices. Thank you

Do you have a Serbian or Croatian language pack?

hell yeah the best thank...

how install it?
Any link for the wallpaper?
How do you make the time 12 hour?
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Change : "H" to "I"

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very simple. like it.
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Is that a real music player in the center ? How does it access my music files ???
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Sorry but the music player is not included :(
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:(  . I found two other skins that have it. Maybe you can borrow their code and work it into yours ? 
hay por favor al menos por un dia gratis ;)
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Es tan simple y bello *-*
Algun dia lo comprare c:
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How do I change the length of the box that wraps around the words in folder/left and folder/right. I changed the "xion" folder into another one (changing the name as well) which is 15 characters long, so it goes outside the box. The only thing I see in the code that affects the wrap box is [Borde], but that seems to affect all of them. How did you make varied lengths for each box?
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sorry that option is not available, because the main image is one and if you try to change the code, will affect everything .
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I feel like since you have to buy the theme you should be able to edit small things like this. For instance I wanted to change Twitter to tumblr, DA to Gmail in the social bar and because you only used one .png instead of icons I can't edit it. Maybe an update for the user to insert their own .png for the icons or you make your own and apply this for an update? Otherwise I feel like I wasted my money :/
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You have to buy it? Seriously?
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Yup ! (︶ω︶)
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