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Double or Nothin

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On a visit to the Crystal Empire to show Starlight Glimmer around, the girls get caught up in a vicious game of poker.  And Twilight is playin double or nothin.  


I spent way too long on this piece and yes, Twilight is smoking a carrot cigar.... Carrogar?  Cagar?
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She's passing one of her cards to Fluttershy and is going to have her switch one of her cards as well. 
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LaszlVFXHobbyist Digital Artist
Twilight You Cheater! 

Great pic though. :love: 
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Pinkie Pie: "My Pinkie sense is telling me we have a big ol' cheater at this table!"
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Hahaha. It's a good thing they aren't using real bits (The currency in MLP consisting of coins made out of gold) to play. Otherwise Twilight would probably be a millionaire. Though considering that she's a Princess now? She may need the money to help her subjects. ;P

But in all seriousness, very good illustration. :)
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I'm curious, is this supposed to be a pony version of the painting of dogs playing poker?
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LadySlickHobbyist Digital Artist
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These colors are incredible!
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xXDrawingForFunXxHobbyist Artist
Starlight looks a bit confused xD
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Nice, ponies playing poker. I like the shading and color scheme you have going for the table and chairs, as well as the seven ponies.
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Lil-Doodle-NoodleStudent General Artist
*Smacks cigar out of Twilight's mouth* Bad!
I like this picture!
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ChickenSteveHobbyist General Artist
I honestly thought she was eating a fry :P
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Lil-Doodle-NoodleStudent General Artist
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InkwellOfTheMindHobbyist Writer
:iconhomersimpsonplz::iconsays3plz:They're ponies!!  And they're playing poker!!  AAAAUUUGHHH!!!
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InkwellOfTheMindHobbyist Writer
Also, I never figured Twilight would smoke.  Definitely Rainbow Dash, maybe AJ, but I'd think Twilight would be one of the more health-conscious of the group.

EDIT:  Just noticed RD is smoking a bubble pipe.  Cute.
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PanzerPielHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very cool
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love how rarity has her hooves crossed
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discord is going to be so mad that Starlight got a throne and he did not
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Carrot flavoured cigarettes? if those don't already exist I think it would be a good idea.

Even though I don't smoke, but I like the smell of carrots xD
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pwnerjHobbyist Writer
Dammit Twi! You cheat! That could get you shot over where braeburn's from!
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Hahaha! I love that picture with the dogs
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I wounder who's winning
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Rarity: Well? Who's following?
Pinkie Pie: I smell something fishy. And it's not my special tuna cupcake, because I stopped making any for all the complaints I got.
Applejack: Ah don't know. Twi's been winning for ten straight play so far. That's not normal.
Rainbow Dash: Hey, AJ? Scared to lose again?
AJ: Ya know what ah meant.
RD: Yeah, yeah... Let just say that she got a good teacher.
Twilight switched a card from her hoof.
AJ: That's why ah'm afraid.
Twilight: Applejack. It's not like as I learned to cheat of anything. In fact, I-
RD: Hey Twilight! What you gonna do with your winnings?
T: Well, the girl scouts need some funding, so-
RD: What?!
T: What?
RD: You're going to give away all those bits?
T: Rainbow, those piece are not even worth a bit. Right?
R: Twilight, darling, why do you think we feel so tense?
T: What?! Nopony told me!
RD: So what? You're winning anyway. And since I helped you-
T: Dash. I learned from a book about the winning ways of Poker. We played together and beat me everytime telling me I would get better with time.
RD: Exactly! That's the way to learn.
T: The only thing I learned with you is how good you are-
RD: Yeah. And a poker-face is very important. Beside cheati- ,er, I-I mean finding... ways to win.
AJ: Meaning?
RD: Uh... Hey you still haven't said if you followed.
AJ: Yeah. I'm out
RD: What?
PP: See what I mean? Something's fishy and it's that strawberry and anchovies pie I-
AJ: Please stop! We nearly died of indigestion with that one.
PP: What? I didn't. I did taste super bad, though...
Fluttershy: But my dolphin friends love it Pinkie.
PP: Really? We you didn't say so? I made a bunch who are still in the freezer.
F: Wait! How long they've been there?
PP: Uh... Roughly a month. Why?
F: Oh. The Cakes must be quite upset.
PP: You mean for the smell? Nah. We got complains that the frozen pastries tasted like anchovies, though...
Starlight: Uh... Can somepony can explain me if this is a good or a bad hoof?
RD: Huh? Let me see...
T: Rainbow!
RD: What? She's asking.
T: That's cheating!
RD: Says the one who keep changing her card with her wings?
T: I.... *blush* I don't know what you mean...
RD: What do you have?
SG: Well... A card with a heart in the middle, a king with a heart, then a queen, the one you call a Jack, then a ten... Is it good?
They all stared at her.
SG: Well?
R: I'm out.
RD: Me too.
T: We three.
F: I'm out... I-if it's okay with you.
PP: Umm...
RD: Pinkie?
PP: I'm following and I'm doubling!
RD: Uh, Pinkie? You don't even have enough to double it.
PP: Oh! Right. All in!
AJ: Pinkie! She just said that she..
SG: *sigh* You got me.
AJ: ... she... what?
SG: I got nothing.
The others except Pinkie got their jaw dropped.
PP: Ha! I won! I knew it!
T: You... b-bluffed?
SG: Yeah? So? And by the way, who agree to tie her wings before the next game?
T: What?
SG: Oh! Don't play the innocent. I know you were cheating. We all knew.
They all nodded. Twilight was stunned.
SG: We knew you would never be able to win a game without cheating, so we played along.
T: Hey! I could have win fair and square!
RD: Hey, Twi. Don't you think I didn't see you reading that guide about "How to cheat at poker"?
T: That's your fault Dash!
RD: Huh? My fault?
T: If you've stopped beating me at every game and taught me how to play correctly and by following the rules,  I wouldn't have to make usage of that kind of winning.
RD: See? You learned something.
T: What?
RD: You learned that if you can't win by talent, you can win by cheating.
T: Rainbow! That's a horrible lesson!
RD: What? How do you think I won all those games?
T: ....
SG: Let me get this straight... You cheated to win against Twilight for making her cheat herself for winning against you?
RD: Yep. Pretty much.
SG: So, it means... *grin*
RD: What?
SG: That Dash is a worse player than Twilight!
T: Huh? B-but I cheated.
AJ: Uh...
R: If Starlight's right, Twilight should be on level with Dash if she stop cheating. Then, let's make sure this won't happen again.

They tied both Rainbow's and Twilight's wings.
R: There. Let's see now who... Starlight? What's wrong?
SG: Well... *she shown her empty space*
R: Oh! Right. Let's just say that the last game was unfair.
PP: WHAT?! I won fair and square!
SG: She got a point.
R: Well, I...
T: Here.
Twilight share equally all her chips to her friends.
T: That's the best way I have to apologize. And this way, the game will last longer.

They all nodded and thanked the alicorn princess.
R: This settled, let's see who will win the next round!

An hour later. Starlight was the clear winner with most of the chips.
SG: Wow! I guess I know how to play, huh?
They all glared at her. Except Pinkie who was spacing out thinking of what to do for dinner and Fluttershy who was gazing at her two token.
RD: You're cheating.
SG: What? Nope. I'm just that good.
AJ: Then, why haven't ya played this good earlier?
SG: Well, after I remarked that Twilight was cheating and you were are doing nothing... except Dash here...
RD: Hey!
T: What? Seriously? You just... figured that out from the first round?
SG: No. The third one. I wondered myself why until I concluded that you were bad and that they didn't want you to have a bad time and leave early in the game for losing all you "money".
T: Really? Is it true?
They all nodded.
T: Oh! Guys! I love you all! Except you Dash for pushing myself to win the wrong way.
RD: Hey!
T: I'm kidding. Thanks for the help.
RD: Anytime.
SG: I guess that's enough time for playing.
T: Oh my gosh! It's that late already?
SG: Hey, Twilight!
T: Yes, Starlight?
SG: What was that scout troupe you mentioned earlier? I'd like to make a donation.
RD: Are you kidding me?
SG: If I was Rainbow, I would have given to you.
RD: Not funny. But yet...
SG: No.
RD: That's so unfair. *cross her forelegs*

Wonderful work. I guess I got inspired.
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StarcoShipperStudent Digital Artist
This is really good! I liked it Wink/Razz 
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Really? Awww... Thank you so much! I'm happy that you enjoyed it. :iconhappytsplz:
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