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It's hard explaining why you weren't online to help with the group project when you tried killing yourself.
Guysss. I can draw agaiiinnnn. ;c; Granted, I'm not out of my cast yet, but it's a soft cast and I'm getting it removed in a couple days so I'm drawing again. ;v; But no long hours to prevent damage and stuff. ;-; I have a design trade coming out soon heck. I hope it comes out good whoops.
Hey everyone. An update: I broke my thumb. Specifically, my right thumb. I'm unable to draw for 3-4 weeks. I hope to come back strong. I thought I'd let you all know. I'm sorry this is short, I'm a wreck. I can't physically talk. I can't update you on my life or anything. I just need to sleep. Goodnight.
Are you ever existing and then you see something that is triggering and you were in such a happy mood and then depression just hits you like a truck?? Y u p. Me too. Just now. Woot.
ちょうしは どう? (What's up?)

So, I'm learning Japanese and I kinda screwed myself over by learning too many things in one day so I'm going to have to sit here and review for like, a week before I can continue to learn more things and I am depressed. Whoops. But I'm starting to learn hiragana which is the easiest one to learn, or so they say. Eventually, I will learn kanji and I am excited to be able to learn that one but honestly, it's a real struggle for me because I have never been able to successfully learn any language before, well, except for maybe french but I have up on it after my first year whoops. But I've only been learning Japanese for four days and today was the first time the hiragana was introduced to me, so we shall see how it goes. I find it inconvenient when reading manga and I have to wait for translations, and some are never translated. Because of this, I have decided to learn Japanese, but also because I really do enjoy the language and I would like to visit Japan someday. I don't want to live there because who I am as a person does not quite agree with their customs, but I would like to visit for a week or two. And, me being me, I don't want to go there without knowing the language. I know a bit of Spanish and French, so I could probably go to Spain and France and I'd manage, but I'd struggle a lot haha. But yeah, that's that. I thought I'd share, I guess. Whoopsie.
I passed almost every class this year (only failed Spanish and turns out I don't need that credit for college or to graduate high school so), my grandfather died during finals so I missed two out of six finals (I got a 43 on one and an 116 on the other), I've been very quickly losing any and all anger and resentment I hold against any and everything, and I have spent the past week and two days at my sister's house. Life hasn't really been going too smoothly, but it's been a lot better than it used to be. I may still be a depressed shit, but at least I'm content more often than not. Oh, did I forget to mention that a couple days ago I threw up ten times? Yeah, two slices of pizza. I have vowed never to eat pizza again, whoops. That was the first time I had thrown up in over 5 years. I did NOT miss it.

So, yeah. Life has been going pretty okay. It's boring as all hell though. Since school is out, I have no stress, no excitement, no nothing. I talk to none of my friends, save two, and every waking moment is spent reading gay manga porn (because I like looking at dicks all day). I honestly have no idea what to do. I want to draw and write, but my big sis has two tiny children that want to touch EVERYTHING, and I CANNOT have my laptop out around them. Don't even THINK about my drawing tablet (to which I broke the pen of the first day of summer vacation) and my lining pens and colored pencils. It's just not gonna happen, I'm afraid. So, I've just kinda been a sitting duck. T-T

However, I'm really in the mood to write right now so I'm gonna go work on my book.

That being said, I hope to become active on here again soon. You guys will be seeing a lot of, trial and error with my art coming up. I'm going to be doing a LOT of testing with my coloring and style and everything. It's time I get serious. Anyways, I'm off. Bye guys. <3
So, hello? It's been a long time since I've been on here. I haven't posted any art in pretty much a year? Sometime in February my laptop was destroyed(it was literally in pieces oops), and over the summer I didn't have any kind of drawing tablet so I just did a bunch of traditional art instead. However, Friday, I got a new laptop finally and I bought my very first drawing tablet, so I shall be uploading a lot more soon. I recently got into anime again, so that's pretty much all my art is going to be. I'm really sorry for being so inactive, and I hope to make many of you happy with my art. Thank you all for being so patient with me. I appreciate it. <33
Wow. Okay. So I have 60 followers now and I haven't posted since June/May??? Okay, hi?? I'm sorry I'm never active. I really only post art on Instagram. My computer was broken, so I can only come on like once every 50 years when I take a laptop home from my film class. I'm sorry I'm such a dead account. I really am. I might start posting again this summer, but who knows. :/ Again, sorry guys. I really am.
Hey guys. Sorry I've been gone for so long, but after that last drawing of Adam, the drawing tablet I was using was given back to the person I was borrowing it from. And then I moved, and our computer got screwed up so we need to go take it to a shop and we may have to get a new motherboard, which means I would have lost everything. Plus, school is in session once again. When we finally get the computer fixed, I'll try to get my own drawing tablet, and after that, I'll start drawing again. But that's where I've been. I thought you guys might like to know where I've been. I hope to draw for you guys again soon. Thank you for your patience.…
So I found something amazing.
I've been needing a drawing tablet, and my friend has one that she's let me borrow.
But all she got was a tablet, pen, and cord, for $100.
This is that plus so much more for $65.
That, my friend, is what you call a deal.
So, I'm putting this out here for people who would like to look into it, and as a reminder for myself.
I need to get all of my grades to passing before my parents will even think about getting me this.
So, yeah.

I need a job so I can buy it myself. ;-;
And I delete the depression.
I'm struggling to not cry right now.
Honestly, I've never received this much love and support for a story of mine on Wattpad as I have Destiny.
Destiny is a fanfiction of the two YouTubers Mithzan and House_Owner, also known as Mithross.
It's already has almost 7k reads on it, it just surpassing 6k yesterday.
There are over 600 comments, and everyone is loving it.
People are being so amazing.
It's so overwhelming.
And I love it.
I never thought that I'd ever be able to get this far.
I usually only got around 20 reads per chapter, but now I get anywhere between 500-800.
It's surreal.
And votes?
Those just never existed.
I hope I can continue to please everyone with the story.
I have certain scenes planned out, I know when certain things are going to happen.
But everything else is on the spot.
Honestly, most of my stories are like that.
But this one is made with an ending, a beginning, and a semi plan.
I just-
If you guys want to check it out, here's the link..…
I hope you guys enjoy it too.
Stay safe!
I will never type like that again.

But seriously, night~! <3
Stay safe~!
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thanks for your interest
 The points are worth it. Go have fun~
Tagged by :icondragoncatzombie:

Rules. Must post journal replying to questions. Must tag 13 people. MUST MAKE 13 QUESTIONS. 

1) Banana?
2) Do you like fruit?
Smol children prepare because fruit is just so- mmmm~
3) How many pets do you have?
I have one cat, but there are three cats. a dog, a lizard, and a guinea pig in this house.
4) I sorta gave up on being creative with questions soooooooo..... have a cookie. *hands you cookie*
I'll pass. I'm not a fan of sweets.
5) Wolves or dragons?
You son of a dirt. They are both so amazing.... Fine. Dragons. Dirt.
6) Have you ever fished before?
I wish.
7) Do you play any sports?
With my asthma? That's a dream.
8) How long have you been drawing? (if you don't really draw or like to draw skip this one)
I've been drawing since I was three, but I've been on DeviantART for two almost three years. uwu
9) Do you like goldfish?
Fish of any kind are amazing~ I love fishy~ But not the ocean. F*** the ocean.
10) What's your favorite holiday?
12) iphone or ipad? (or something else idk)
Android is the life for meeee~ So Galaxy phone so I can fit it in my pocket and listen to music on the go and without wifi. uwu
13) Slow internet or no internet?
I would take slow internet in a heartbeat. Although I deal with slow internet on the regular so it's all good. XD

My Questions:
1) OTP?
2) Favorite anime? (If you don't like anime, then TV show.)
3) Favorite video game? (If you don't like video games, then skip. xD)
4) Favorite YouTuber?
5) Favorite book?
6) Sweets or fruit?
7) Favorite animal?
8) Favorite music artist? (I've been listening to TryHardNinja for the past 6 hours sends help. xD)
What are your thoughts on Nickelback, because everyone seems to hate them but me.
10) Have you ever stared at pictures of one person for over 12 hours? I stared at Mithzan for over 12 hours.
11) Who are you votes going to for president?
12) Holy crap nuggets we're almost done. Excited?
13) Aaaaaand we're finished! Did you have a bad time? ;3

Have at it smol beans. I'm not going to tag anyone. uwu