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Sony Microvault

I love these memory sticks, I couldn't find an icon for mine, I had some free time for once and made one (and a few more for people with the others!). Makes sense right? All C&C is welcome and encouraged, and I also hope some other people can find a use for these!
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The icons are awesome.
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Awesome icons here! Immediately downloaded them and set them on my 8gb MV. Though same request as yowilder, could you make another version of the 'pearl white' one? much appreciated! :woohoo:
omg! these icons are amazing! i've set them on both my mum's and my micro vaults :D

i don't mean to be rude. but could you make an icon for the white/silver micro vault please? only i have both and i can help but feel my white one is amiss now the black ones look so awesome! :P
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You are a genius!
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You are a genius!
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I got it to work! It would appear the Mac I use at work was just being a jerk-face. :P I used the exact same method on another Mac (at my uni) and it worked like a charm. I love these icons so much, I've also set the 4GB icon for my gf's Microvault, and I have a friend with the 4GB too, but he's too slack to add the icons... :P
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I'm really glad you are enjoying using them! I set the 4GB on my girlfriend's toom it must be a natural male impulse :p I should have some time where I can work on new icons coming up soon so watch this space...
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well there are several ways, I personally use candybar - a great piece of software by Panic that lets you organize and easy change all your system icons (grab it here if you're interested: [link]). This is what the container looking icon is in the downloads - it makes a new icon set for you automatically in candybar.

The other way I just tried doing it without candybar and managed to get them working was going into the PNG folders for the icons, highlighting the PICT resource for tje icon I wanted, getting info on that item and copying the icon from its icon field there. Then I did the same as you, simply pasting that into the info window of the item I wanted to change.

Sorry if that sounds a bit long-winded but hopefully it should work!
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I LOVE these icons! I've got it working for my PC at home, but for some reason when I apply the ICNS or PNG when I'm on my work Mac there's an annoying black (sometimes white) background. The transparency seems to fail... Any ideas?
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heya, really glad you've found a use for them :)

Unfortunately I have no idea why that might happen though, I've just checked them over in different resolutions on both my desktop and laptop (both macs) and can't seem to reproduce the problem. Have you tried deleting them and re-downloading/re-applying them?

Sorry I can't be of more help on this... Thanks again for the support though!
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Hmmm, I will be using another Mac tonight and will try again, hopefully with more luck. But in the meantime, would you mind telling me how you apply them? I've been using this method:

D/l files, unzip, select Green ICNS and open in Preview, highlight entire image with mouse and copy, Get Info on my USB drive, click the icon, paste and it shows up but with black background.

I suspect I'm doing it wrong...
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my new drive icons!
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Nice icons :)

:star: Featured on iconpaper
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Nice Icons But I love my wall-e looking icon for now

see link for picture
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Yes those drives by Louie are amazing, I use those too! Thanks for the kind words :)
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Fantastic work! Love anything flat black and bright colors together... :)
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thanks, I'm glad you like it and can find a use for my work :)
Hi, is it possible to change my USB Key icone only or have we to do that for all keys ?
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yes, you can go to your usb drive's settings by hitting ctrl + i with t selected, then pasting the icon you want onto it. Alternatively, you can download candybar by the Iconfactory and simply drag and drop folders whose icons you want to change. Hope this helped!
Thank you, but when I do that, all the removable disk are with this icon. !!
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sounds like you set all your external drives to one icon, try checking out panic's candybar faq and help:


hopefully that will help you sort it out :)
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nice ;)
i like it!!
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thanks guys :) glad you like them!
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