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Taken from a silly journal comment a while back.  My good friend :icontarkheki: has many hobbies, including archery, falcony and martial arts.  Which leads me to believe she is secretly planning to conquer the steppes.  Armed with her fierce claws, powerful bow, and trusty falcon guards, I'm sure she can do so, and establish a great and glorious maple hegemony.

(It was interesting thinking how to convert falconry hoods into battle helmets, too.  ^v^)

"What is best in life?"
"The open steppe.  A fleet horse.  Falcons at your wrist.  And the wind in your hair."
"WRONG!?  What is best in life!?"

Wolfbearine character (C) Tarkheki.
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At least we will all have tastee snacks. I promise my underlings, and impoverished masses of slaves that benefit alone. ;P
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Poutine and maple-drenched everything.  Washed down with great casks of Timmies.  ^v^
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And bacon! Don't forget the back bacon!!!
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She is the perfect person to take over the world! Really what you need more than anything to take over the world is a combination of charisma and kindness, and she has both! At this point all the combat expertise just makes you less likely to think about crossing her! X3
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She's so nice... until she decides to trample your civilization into the dust from whence it came!
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Whoagh, the both of you are so sweet, and so humbling! I don't think I'm qualified to be anything's ruler TBH. I'd go crazy with power! XD
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I'm sure Temujin and Attila said the exact same thing.  ^v^
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looks like the gods of Egypt meet Robin Hodd
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That was pretty awesome. 
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You're welcome. 
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