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  • Listening to: dancehall
  • Reading: Siddhartha
  • Watching: porn
  • Playing: fool
  • Eating: eggs
  • Drinking: tea and some alcohol
summer was hot. and a little bit smokey. haha.
now it's a time for making masterpieces and other bullshit. lalala.
  • Listening to: fish rots from the head
all that politics is a bittersweet, full of absurdity, circus.
I'm fed up with all that clowns from tv. are they serious?
  • Listening to: o2-tanci
  • Watching: porno
  • Drinking: green tea
I've been to Helsinki this weekend. I'm absolutely excited. Very nice city
  • Listening to: rock-n-rollaa shit
  • Reading: ajax programming
  • Drinking: cola
all my time i'm thinking about oral sex with some girls, drawing, street art, my own rock-n-roll band, potatoes and soup. but do nothing of that, except drawing.
  • Listening to: gipsy sounds
  • Reading: Tom Stoppard
  • Eating: pirozhki
  • Drinking: tea with milk
I want to draw all days long, but I don't have enough time. If somebody give me 400 or 500 euros each month I'll leave my job. But it's only dreams... Haha.
  • Eating: booblik
  • Drinking: alcohol
hitch hiking is the best way to travel/

roma krasnov rest in peace/
  • Eating: sandwich
  • Drinking: tea
I don't like tattoo
  • Listening to: tobacco
  • Drinking: tea
I come back home.
It was my first trip to Europe since I'm in conscious age( the previous trip was when I was eleven)
Here are two differences between Europe and Russia, I've noticed:
- in Europe everything made for easy and qualitative living, everything is neatly and everybody are polite. Beside that Russia is a kind of surreal antiutopia.
- Russian girls most beautiful girls in the world. So fuck that Europe, I still want to live in Russia.

Sorry if I offend somebody.
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
:iconhelvettio: started to draw!
i'm very glad about that!

p.s. i'm sitting in Switzerland, in outskirts of Geneve, and i'm absolutely bored.
  • Listening to: fsol
  • Reading: nothing
  • Eating: cheburek
  • Drinking: tea
rampapapam. too many Olyas in my life.
  • Listening to: trying to live in silence
  • Reading: Buryat folk tales
  • Drinking: tea
- oh, where is the Snow? Oo
- i've started to learn drawing.
  • Listening to: asian dub foundation
  • Reading: about meditative music
  • Eating: rolton
  • Drinking: water with strawberies
plohoe leto. zboti naveesayut i ne dayut spokoino zheet'.
  • Listening to: 228. Amorphous Androgynous - Toy Piano
  • Reading: something about old russian mysticism
  • Watching: porno
  • Playing: with knife and paper
  • Eating: sausages
  • Drinking: tea
nedavno razmootil sebe scaneroxeroxoprinter. da zdravstvooet xerocopyart. iz droogih novostei - nedavno bolel kolenom i vpervie katalsya na kon'kah
  • Listening to: plone - summers plays out
  • Reading: young beekeeper guide
  • Playing: with life
  • Eating: bananas
  • Drinking: tea
leto bilo ne soomasshedsheye ne radostnoe nikakoe pochtee. bila apatiya i est' eshe i est' para mertvih droozey a est' eshe polniy razlad
teper' vse zaversheelos' poleelsya dozhdeek i vse zasheveleelos'
  • Listening to: nol - ehali po ulice tramvai
  • Reading: jsfoer - all illuminated
  • Watching: shadows on the wall
  • Playing: with life
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: tea
here it is…
i like that colours.. they awesom ;]
some new pics in scraps. one of them is my favorite ;]
tomorrow i'll post some new scraps ;]