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May 25, 2012
Skyrim Cosplay - Karliah by *Aicosu
Featured by FrockTarts
Suggested by Rosella-of-Daventry
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Skyrim Cosplay - Karliah

Sheila as Karliah (Nightingale Armor) from the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Stunning photos by :iconordinaryriches:

I'm going to try and make this description without any arrow in the knee or sweetroll jokes. XD

It feels good to put up photos of this costume. Definitely one of our bigger projects and one of the most exciting. And my first experience with full covering face paint.

The entire 'leatherwork' of the armor is actually all just craft foam. If you want to find out the in depth process on how it was made, click here: [link]

There will definitely will be much more to come for this costume! See you at Phoenix ComiCon & Anime Expo!

EDIT: Oh my gosh we got a Daily Deviation!! THATS INCREDIBLE! Thanks you so much! That really but a leap in our confidence! THANK YOU EVERYONE!
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Awesome costume and make up
MarcoPellino's avatar
Amazing cosplay!
ReploidAvenger's avatar
If only Dunmer in the game actually looked that hot.
Sneakingpuppet's avatar
Absolutely amazing costume 
spacekitty660's avatar
omg <3 this is so beautiful <3
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zhugebeifong's avatar
Please... Make me a Nightingale. Nocturnal is... Without doubt... My favorite Daedric Goddess in Skyrim.
SkyCrawlers123's avatar
This is fucking amazing!
holmesian1891's avatar
Beautifully done!  I'm not sure how to say much more.
JasminetheFOX101's avatar
Absolutely stunning. All i gotta say.
you did great with this costume. I really hope I can be able to make costumes someday like this...keep up the good work. 
Audreyxatomic's avatar
Seen this on tumblr before--but this is just so perfect. ^_^ The cosplay is good overall, but that armor is especially sexy. Wish I was crafty enough to make something like that for myself. :P
SchmiedeTraum's avatar
Like the makeup.
ShadowOfAbsolution's avatar
Congratulations are in order, for being one of the very very very few good cosplays I have ever seen. Normally I despise cosplay because most I come across are cheap, very poorly made and rarely fit the person (as far as size goes); thus making the rest of us who love the game, movie or genera seen as babbling fools who haven't seen daylight and society in 15 years. That said, I repeat the congratulations for making a quality cosplay of a quality lore.
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Thanks for the compliment! But you really gotta look at more cosplayers. I see TONS of amazing ones all the time! Lotsa great Skyrim ones too!
Beyond impressed !! Wow
Wesker86's avatar
Incredible work! Did you make everything yourself?
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Your armor is amazing... Stunning work!
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