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Korra Cosplay - You Gotta Get Him For Me

Sheila as Korra & Sylar as Tahno from Avatar: Legend of Korra.

Amazing photography by Rin!

Through the whirlwind of getting ready for Anime Expo and buying tissues in preparation for the season finale, we got our Korra & Tahno costumes done! Phew! And for as simple as they are, they turned out really great.

:heart: And as you can guess, we are Tahorra shippers. ;D

Thanks so much to Kabuki Sushi and the Chinese Cultural Center for accommodating us!

See you Anime Expo!

Please guys, no shipping wars in the comments! We love and respect all ships!

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such a beautiful korra :)
Fruba's avatar
what material did you use for korras winter coat? i want to do one but i cant figure out a pattern or material to use
StillDollArtist's avatar
This is amazing, i love Legend of Korra and you guys cosplayed the characters really well! Im wanting to cosplay as korra sometime and i was wondering if you bought your costume or made it? :)
Mage-Madisaur's avatar
melts at your cosplaying skills ahhhhhh
Chaun-Chaun's avatar
aaawwwe, this is making me remember those feels from that episode. :( its beautiful btw
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Hey, love the pic and great cosplays! I read your response to how you made the hair beads but I was wondering, how do they stay in your hair? Do you use some sort of stopper or do you put them on and pray they don't fall out(lol)?
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Nope! My hair is just thick enough to hold them! They have never fallen out!
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lol i'll let her know.
[my sister wrote the first response, nice job on the cosplay]
Damn, you're both so beautiful :O
And the costumes are wonderfully well done, I'm in awe!
kappalizzy's avatar
this is amazing!!
Radicalpresident's avatar
I went ot make sesx with em girl (:
Ryuuichii123's avatar
you two are one of the best Avatar Korra's cosplayer I've ever seen !!
RickseriaStar's avatar
You two are such fabulous cosplayers~ i wish i had your skillz.
silentshadowdrawer's avatar
Amazing i love the stare n the way she is looking back it really expresses the feeling of that scene of korra
broadwaycakes's avatar
this makes me extremely happy........
Fuertelee's avatar
I love your costumes. They have a lot of detail. :heart:
greendaygrl's avatar
Best Tahno I've ever seen.
rimiish's avatar
Exactly what I though
Samelly's avatar
Oh My God this is so cool you guy look great.. by the way im in love with Korra's sweater :heart: did you make it or did you buy it its so AWESOME :meow:
Aicosu's avatar
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Oh my god that's so COOL :D

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Wow, she's beautiful and Tahno isn't too bad either ^_^ Great stuff!
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