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Hazama Cosplay - Wicked Smile

Sylar as Hazama from Blazblue.

Photo taken by Linriel!

Another great shot from Anime Expo weekend.

Of course, an actual photoshoot for Sylar's Hazama is coming soon. This costume was one of our favorites from the entire weekend and Sunday was one of the best days because of it.

Sylar had fun trolling people, especially photographers trying to take shots of Sheila's Append Miku.


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Erikakyonlee666's avatar
the best cosplay I've seen, are very, very sexy
Yuukicchi's avatar
You do a wonderful Hazama, I love it!! :la:
CountingSilence's avatar
I need help finding the coat from my Hazama cosplay any suggestions?
Aicosu's avatar
Look around your local thrift stores! You can find lots of long coats like this at Good will or salvation army.
Zamizubuki-Zendokiri's avatar
this is a fucking nice cosplay love it ^^
lkakashieinstein's avatar
Wow! Sylar, nice job. I am envious, your Hazama cosplay looks great...I really screwed up on mine...Would you mind me asking where you got your wig though? It looks amazing and my wig kind of became ruined when I tried to cut it...But again, and as always...amazing cosplay. You and Sheila always impress me with your guy's quality. I love it!
Aicosu's avatar
This is the wig bought: [link]

It needed alot of cutting but it was the perfect color and great quality!
deknighted's avatar
Hrrrrrng hazama <3

Makes me wanna cosplay hom, so hard
Or at least, a genben. Ver >u>
shamedgeeky's avatar
choxieary109's avatar
Lol you are soooooo cute!!! >////<
Gaaraisking's avatar
Wow, Sylar. Hahaha at our con we had a guy in a Domo suit trolling on everyone AND a guy walking around with a troll shirt...This is a beautiful cosplay!
Seena-Cha's avatar
AlistairTheAvenger's avatar
Argh... I REALLY want to cosplay as Hazama at the convention I'm going to, put I'm short on funds... AND, even if I could, I probably couldn't pull it off correctly.... :/
Aicosu's avatar
Hazama is actually a very easy and cheap cosplay. Almost everything on this costume was just bought and a few things altered. Buttons replaced, knives made from cheap cardboard and such. Don't give up!
AlistairTheAvenger's avatar
I dunno man... I don't think Hazama's very black. (is black) xD
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