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Stop child porn on DA
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I have tried reporting child sexual abuse content on this site, but when the reply came back it were apparent that those who handle such matters on Deviantart could not care less, even though such material is against the law. So I made a quick decision on Friday 24 of May that enough is enough.

And I were not the only one who had problems getting such material removed from DA.
Here's one example out of many "It takes too long! They didn't seem to react at all":…

I had planned to gradually pull the cords to this site, but the conflict I felt of being on a site that provide child pornography were that strong that I replaced the images in my galleries with placeholders directly.

Update; Some images remain despite having been deleted.

When I made final checks Sun may 26 by searching by keywords on Google I found that images I have deleted still remain in some places.
They are gone from my gallery of Deviations, but appear floating around on the site anyhow. It appear that just deleting images is not enough here.

See the journal below for what actions I have taken.

Logging off now, last message sent sunday 26/5 2013 - I will not be back, goodbye and good riddance to DA!

Favourite Visual Artist
I am impressed by a handful of guys, some of which are on this site.
Favourite Movies
Watchmen, Riket (Remade as 'The Kingdom' by Stephen King) eXistenZ (Cronenberg), Stuff done by Gueillermo Del Toro, Terry Gilliams.
Favourite TV Shows
None, everything currently sent on TV are absolute crap.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Third Moon, Aion, Gorod, Neurosis, Tool etc.
Favourite Books
Currently reading Stephen Baxter, before that 'Century Rain' by Alastair Reynolds. (A scifi-criminal-noir novel.)
Favourite Writers
Samuel R. Delaney, Terry Pratchett also some by Stephen Baxter
Favourite Games
Warhammer, Guild Wars (Not currently playing either.)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Brain v. 1.0
Tools of the Trade
Camera, pencils, watercolours.
Other Interests
Biology, Cars, Culture, Travel, Trekking and BDSM - not neccesarily at the same time.
26/5 2013 Due to the fact that Deviantart have declined to take any action on reports on child pornography on the site I have decided to leave. There's not a shadow of a doubt that the violation report I sent in were a valid one. Additional information that have been brought to my attention May 24 and 25 have shown that I were right on this matter all the time! I took down about ½ of my galleries on the  spot. But knowing that I could risk leaving 'orphaned' images on the site some were replaced by placeholders for the time being. 24 hours later I took down all subfolders and the bulk of the main gallery. In the end I decided to keep t
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There's a connection between kink people, and certain kinds of extreme physical activity.  This should not be read as I claim that many got some degree of AHDH. Though a few might very well be mild cases, considering what they do on their day off. ~speshulmuffinplz ( So I do think there's a connection because this is so widespread. Milder cases like myself like to free climb mountains and go trekking. To get up a really steep climb gives me one adrenaline rush that is not that different to what I feel in certain BDSM settings. But we do have a number of individuals that are even more far out on the limb. A not insignificant number of t
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During a flame war in a forum elsewhere I wrote down some points I wanted to make clear in a reply. This blog is a bit of a summary of some of I eventually got to say there. My opponent were obviously from the US of A. And I found it somewhat amusing that this person did not only describe himself as a 'conservative' but also as a Christian - this leads to the first part. A religion with a guilt complex The funniest thing about how Christians have twisted the ideas of their faith in illogical ways, is the notion is that Jesus already have died on the cross for your sins. By accepting that illogical train of thought, the religion sells itse
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Thank you for the important part of life !   :)
Thanks for the llama!
Thank you for the :+fav:! :huggle: And sorry for the late comment ^^;
Thank you for the :llama: ! :D
Thanks for the llama =D I read your journal and I have to say I'm really disgusted with dA for letting perverts post that kind of stuff on here.
Thank You very much for the :+fav:! :hug: