The art of cosplay.

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By aibashi
Cosplay is basically describing a performing-art behaviour of self-rigging out as a character with corresponding costume, accessories and/or parameters.

Cosplay isn't about making a costume anymore, even if the concept was born inside the anime and manga world, now everything can be cosplayed.
Movies, tv series, music groups... everything is allowed since cosplaying is another way of fanart, is a mixture of skills as sewing, makeup and even weapons construction or wig styling, usually the cosplay itself becomes a masterpiece of work that costs even months to be made.

This is my little tribute for all those cosplay artist you can find around the DeviantArt.

COSPLAY-BLEACH:GRIMMJOW00 by yolkler :thumb85647263: Lelouch Lamperouge by KashinoRei :thumb32360255:   Ouran: At Your Service by behindinfinity Sleepin beauty from Rayearth by Giorgiacosplay Izumi - Are there happyendings by FujimiyaRan Death Note: The Movie Poster by BlackMageAlodia Paradise Kiss: A Little Death by luna-noctiluca :thumb22284258: OHSHC - Come and hug me by el-gay :thumb26352973: Princess Tutu - Pray by rukawagf Kimi wa dare wo Mamotte Iru by behindinfinity Trinity Blood by ShanHuang COSPLAY-KHR:BYAKURAN00 by yolkler 'i pray for you' by Mi-panda Gravitation - Yuki and Shuichi by Yukilefay Angel Sanctuary: Alexiel II by BlackMageAlodia AG - Wedding Agito Cosplay by Miyukiko Leo and Libra by zaionic Loveless by shiroin Cosplay - Sasuke Uchiha by yumeforever

Sora: I'll be your nightmare by chibinis-chan Pop'n music Smile cosplay by BeBelial Soul Calibur Cosplay is Epic by WindoftheStars The Hero by Evil-Uke-Sora Old Times - New Times by kayleighloire Sakura-Con 2007 - 02 by PixAlchemist Pokemon - Misty_Kasumi by AsturCosplay Kadaj by Attyca Riku - Take a Stand by NanjoKoji Final Fantasy 6 (Cosplay) by elsch :thumb62966262: :thumb87965732: Lady Wong again by Yukilefay Princess Zelda by Firefly-Path Yazoo Test by Folkeye He is not your friend anymore by KashinoRei

Cosplay - Dir En Grey III by doctor-surgeon anata no tame no kono inochi by Sadochi :thumb76153279: Knocking on Hell's Door II by yu-ka   anata no tame no kono inochi by Majin-sama :thumb67065539: I'm at a place called vertigo by Devilish0Kisa Mana - Gekka No Yasoukyoku by Annechan-Mana- Cage by Chicken-King :thumb87447165: Regret II by mad-Joker ASAGI from D cosplay by ibarakanmuri
:thumb56775565: :thumb78379525: :thumb91008984: girugamesh cosplay by AngelAzura

Princess Aurora Costume by Adella Maleficent by Giorgiacosplay Harry Potter by IchigoKitty :thumb78264074: Cosplay: Spiderman 2099 by GlompedToDeath :thumb83246756: Cosplay: Belle by Adella In Wonderland by pkiwi

love and admiration,
© 2008 - 2021 aibashi
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so late, sorry! But thanks so much for featuring my Ruki cosplay ^^
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A little late....but better than never :)

Thank you sooo much for featuring my Soryuu ^_^
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Oh, wow, that's cool~~ Thanks for the feature!
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Thank you very much for featuring!
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Thank youso much for feature!
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Thank you so much for featuring!
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you're welcome!!
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is that Joker in the movies section?

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Awesome article! There's so much wonderful cosplay on DA.
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Really great article with wonderful features!

I'd like to inform all cosplayers about the recent changes with the newly added Cosplay category in Photography - please read the difference between that one and Artisan Crafts > Textile > Costume in my journal here: [link]
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Thank you so much!!
I am honoured you like it!

And I already read your journal, thank you so muchf for writing something like this, I find the cosplay category at the photography very useful since there's a lot of cosplay that doesnt include selfmade clothes or they are simply close ups.
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wow thanks for the feature :33
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you make an awesome nana!!
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I see Jin again XD
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Wow, i never realized how many good cosplayers were actually on DA!
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you have cool cosplays here ^^
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I'm really happy you like them
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thanks for the feature
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you're welcome hun!
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tx for the feature even though i wasnt the one cosplaying =p
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