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I go to art school for writing, but I dabble in textiles a lot. Most of what I submit is photographs, but you can find some other random things in here too. C'mon, you know you want to take a look. ;]

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Current Residence: El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Poriuncula, California
Favourite genre of music: Hideously old (and bad) pop music. Like Dreamstreet.
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MP3 player of choice: My uber-smexii Disney Mixstick. It's got JACK SPARROW on it, so it's automagic win.
Wallpaper of choice: Some nasty green paisley pattern that'll drive my roommate insane. Not that kind of wallpaper?
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Personal Quote: "Also? Bacon on your face."
No, seriously. This con report is for Otakon + Virginia + ComicCon because they were ALL IN A ROW. Like ducks! :]

Anyway, blah blah blah we got to Virginia ate and stuff but nothing really awesome happened until the second day where we went to go see the Natural Bridge. No wait, I lie! We went to go see the baby tigers at the Natural Bridge Zoo and coincidentally went to the Natural Bridge (which is not that impressive). Then, because my uncle kind of sucks forever, we had to walk all the way to Lacey Falls (which was more like a spigot) and back. Mind you, I was happy just seeing the stupid bridge. I didn't need to walk that extra oh . . . Thousand yards? Something like that.

Otakon was spectacular though. I'm sad I don't get to go every year because I had an immense amount of fun there! It was a little weird that nothing seemed to be peace-bonded and they didn't actually print your badge but once I got over that, then it was amazing beyond words. Day one was pretty slow, but I only had to wait in line for my badge about an hour and a half - which was pretty decent considering they had about half the people working that AX did and I waited for an hour at AX. Then I managed to FIND the dealer's hall and waited for that to open for about twenty minutes before walking around and generally having a blast. Really, the aisles were so wide I could have done ballet in them without hitting people most of the time! I wish AX would make their aisles bigger, though I understand the need for more spaces to sell ect, ect. I watched a few anime in one of the rooms (Aria and Save Me Lollipop, I believe) and then headed out because my friends weren't actually arriving until day 2. [Wore: Prince of All Cosmos]

Day two was the day to talk about! I got there a little early, wandered in the dealer's hall for a bit before finally locating Artist's Alley and wandering in there (spending very large amounts of money in the process, oops). I still had a bit of time left before my friends would be done with LARP so I watched an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh, I think. Then I met up with my friends and it was an absolute blast. I wish I could hang out with them more often, they're much cooler in person than just online. Memorable moments: playing We Didn't Playtest This at All!, porn doujin storytime (esp. stupid genderswap Yu-Gi-Oh idk what), making jokes about Hooter's, my friend talking in her Starscream voice to KuronekoKurata and switching food with my friend because she is completely spicy-intolerant. Well, in my eyes anyways. Also, much talk about robots and "why does my fandom suck so hard" and leather pants and fourth walls. When they had to go back to LARP, I watched the Cyborg 009 movie - which was glorious because it had no subtitles. Well, only partial subtitles. [Wore: Asian Hammerchick]

Day three was chillax, like all last days. I watched an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh before meeting up with my friends and I remembered why watching things with a room full of people is so much fun! We all laughed at the same parts and boo'd and it was great. IDK, I love watching things with other people. I'm the kind of person who talks forever during movies so I just like audience participation. I'd probably be one of those crazies during Rocky Horror Picture Show if I ever managed to see it all the way through. XD Anyway, after that I met up with my friend and we hung out for a bit before heading into the dealer's hall and buying Metabots comics, looking at Transformers comics and telling my friend to buy a Decepticon watch. It was all very awesome and I was so sad to go.

After Otakon though, I woke up way way way early to go to Monticello. You know, Jefferson's house. Anyway, we get there and it's awesome weather, pretty day . . . Very picturesque, although that didn't last long. It poured, so we were very glad to get into the house! Jefferson was a really interesting guy, and I really really want a house like his - it was stunning! He had these beds that were inside the walls and a slew of other completely wicked ideas on how to make life smooth. I wish some of them had translated into our times so I could have them, lol. The rain really made everything suck though, so we left pretty early.

The next day we went to Mount Vernon and because I am very into accuracy and making things work (when I can, but not always), I told my mom that I really really really REALLY wanted to go on the National Treasure tour. It's this extra tour where you get to go into the basement, see the ice box (or whatever they call it) and a really awesome view of the house. Anyway, we woke up early for that and got it so I was happy. For me, seeing how creative framing and changes make something real (Mount Vernon) into something fake (National Treasure). They actually changed an incredible amount and it was really amazing to see what got changed. Washington's house was also pretty cool, but not as cool as Monticello. My mother is apparently the same height as Martha Washington though! We also did the gristmill and distillery, but those were mostly boring and things I knew about - though the lady did have this cool hand-spinning tool. I kind of want one.

After that, we left and came back to California where there are no trees. It's very comforting, this lack of trees. I got to rest a day before going to ComicCon, which was jam-packed with all sorts of neat things. The first day I mostly wandered around in the Dealer's Hall and was late getting into line for the Psych panel - but I managed to get in! I was so happy you have no idea, especially because they gave out swag and it was the best swag ever. It's this little fortune-teller ball, a fist-bump t-shirt that says "Real Psychis. Fake Detectives." and "Comic-Con International 2009" on the back with a pineapple! There was also issue 0 of the new comic and that was totally rocking too - as was the Dexter panel, though I have not seen Dexter since season 1.

Then day 2 was just. I was immensely upset because I didn't manage to get into the WB panel and see Megan Fox for Jonah Hex which I really wanted to see BUT I managed to get into the Disney panel, which was super-special amazing. All the new Disney 3-D stuff blows my mind - especially because it actually works for me beyond the cheesy poke you eyes out type effects. Generally, I just see a flat movie with things coming at me because I have a problem perceiving depth or something but these actually were damned awesome! After that, I wandered through the dealer's hall again before heading into the Marvel digital comics panel, then the Rifftrax panel and then the SyFy screening of Warehouse 13 (the Claudia episode) and Eureka (the alternate dimension episode). I am happy to say that everyone hated that Sci-Fi changed to SyFy.

Day 3 was early because I had to go see the Eastwick screening, which was amazing! Then I went down to the Dealer's Hall to buy myself Watchmen and 300 as a birthday present. Yeah, instead of porn I bought philosophy. I also got my brother a poster signed by some guy who does voices for the Bionicle movies before eating lunch and then going to the Warehouse 13 panel, which was supremely informative. After that, I went and got a masquerade ticket before ducking into the end of the Ray Bradbury panel to wait for Human Target. Human Target was awesome in a way a can't describe and also I managed to get three swag shirts (I'm not really sure how) so I will be waiting for that. After I grabbed some dinner and waited in line for masquerade which was slow in some parts but overall far superior to AX's. Then again, almost anything would be better than that.

Day 4 was literally just going to see the new Scooby Doo movie (which I was genuinely impressed with) and Once More with Feeling (the Buffy Episode). It was all awesome though, so I can't complain.

And with that, I am going to shut up and go to sleep before cleaning up the sewing mess I created.


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