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Batman and Superman

Batman and Superman
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The story of how they learned of each other's secret IDs, was properly told in a WF issue. Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne ducked into a darkened stateroom, to switch to their alter-egos when an emergency occurred involving a heist. A sudden light illuminated the room through a porthole, and they now knew of each other. Setting aside the problem of such knowledge  for the nonce, they set out to deal with the crooks.
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My two favorite heroes!^^
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Really cool what you've done here, I couldn't stop looking, had to scroll back up twice!
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Thank you for this, not enough artwork showing these men as what they are, partners and friends.
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Very nice- love the line work and the colouring.
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secret gay lovers lol really cool man i like it 
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Yeah! I heard the news in Japan. I'm very interested who plays the Batman!
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its now been down to three actors.

-Josh Brolin (left pic)
-Ryan Gosling (middle pic)
-Joe Manganiello (right pic)

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superman & batman worlds finest
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Me: Superman & Batman are the best of friends =D
Superman: He carries Kryptonite on him specifcally to kill me.
Batman: He is the most lethal and most powerful force on the planet yet we leave our front doors open to him.
Superman: He's a paranoid oppurtunist who filters through everyone's trash, and studies you while you sleep.
Batman: Is quick to anger, self destructive-
Superman: Is quick to anger, self destrctive-
Both: Bottom line he's his own worst enemy!
Me: See? The best. =)
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very beautiful!!:heart:
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I love the pic!
Awesome picture :)
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:iconsupermanplz: You're my best friend...
:iconbatmanplz: In a world we must defend!
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I love how you made them look, really awesome pic.
I'm used to seeing Bats scowling and looking tense, but not the big blue boy scout. I like the contrasting background of the flag and all those flying bats. Nice, thoughtful work. :)
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this picture is hotness
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