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Pig meets murderer

This is a drawing inspired by my personal experiences watching and showing video footage of animal slaughter, and noting the reactions of passersby (who generally try their best not to look at such things). The text in "petting zoo" reads: "If you love the animals called pets, why do you eat the animals called dinner?" It's a pretty confrontational image... I feel a bit bad that the girl with the bloody ham sandwich is my little sister (who is actually a vegan ^_^), but I needed a model.

I think I was feeling pretty bitter when I made this drawing. I've seen abused farm animals firsthand, as well as corpses of factory farmed animals who died in gruesome and agonizing ways, and it never ceases to sadden and infuriate me. It especially galls me when people laugh off the issue as unimportant, but I've learned through my association with the local Amnesty chapter that it's the same way with human rights. We had a cage demonstration to draw some attention to the plights of political prisoners who'd been locked away and tortured for daring to exercise the right to free speech (er... correct that. In their respective countries they don't have free speech. They dared to publish views advocating free speech and democracy) I'd hoped that passersby who laughed at animal suffering might take a moment to sign a petition to alleviate human suffering... But, though we did get a lot of signatures, we also got our fair share of hecklers. It really makes me wonder...
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oh and BTW the man looks freaky
Deathstar895's avatar
O.O shocking
poor piggy wiggy
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This is SO true. You pretty much captured the reason why I'm vegetarian. Thank you so much for doing this, the world needs more art like yours. This just cuts through the hypocrisy instantly. :clap:
I'm so glad there's someone else who fels the way I do. :hug:
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you did an outstanding job i am a vegatarion as well and when i saw this it kinda made die inside because its true you did a outstanding job♥
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Very well done! Great composition, line quality, and use of color. Good job, it reads really well!
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I'm loving this painting.
Very strong and skillful.
Don't agree with your point of view.
I have personally slaughtered many pigs; My grandparents are from countryside and I used to help them during summer when i was kid.
There is nothing terrible in killing the animal.
Only thing scary is little lamb - they sound like people screaming...
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Not only a powerful message but a powerful piece of artwork. I really appreciate what you have in your gallery altogether but I have to say that by far this is my personal favorite, partly due to its starkness and partly due to its message.

Your description of the artwork is restrained and intelligent and it's really a breath of fresh air to see such an emotional point being made with maturity and grace, while the artwork speaks for itself.

Good job once again.
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Thank you kindly for your thoughtful comment. :) Political art is a tricky thing to make, since the message can easily overpower the art (and occasionally, the reverse happens). I'm always glad to hear when it is coming across effectively. Thank you.
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very good pic sad but good....i dont eat meat and i havent for 2 only i hope i can not eat meat for as long as i live
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Wow, very effective picture indeed!
I'm vegan myself and know of the cruelty these animals suffer all too well. It's such a shame that people simply turn a blind eye to it, pretend they aren't responsible. But It's not natural, it's not humane and no longer should it be "normal".
It's well and truely time people opened their eyes and did something.

Well done on the picture, hopefully it will encourage people to think twice about where their food actually comes from.
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Thank you very much! I have been surprised at the generally positive feedback on this piece. I always thought it was a kind of controversial bit of art, but people seem to respond very positively to it! :)
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Eating meat is the circle of life, uh, technically. I do eat it. Food chain and whatnot. But, factory farming is NOT the way the world is supposed to work. So I'm with you on this one.
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Wow...Very powerful! I love the subliminal messages in it, too! :)
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My goodness that poor man's face is sinking in from lack of protein!

Thank goodness for the pig standing in front of him. Some protein from the meat he'll eat will fix him right up! ^^

Bravo on your one panel comic.
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The slaughtering of animals isnt the shocking part of today's society.
its the cages and the lack of freedom we give the animals to live grow and explore.
animals now only have one purpose and that is to make money.
its wrong.

Great picture. Its like it has a voice of its own :)

Ahyicodae's avatar
Thank you so much, love! :hug: Very kind of you!

Yes, I agree with you about the use of animals. It isn't so much eating them that I find reprehensible (after all, they eat each other too); it's the conditions in which we raise and slaughter them. It's akin to torture. I've actually been inside a factory farm, and there is no place so much like hell.
DancesWithFreedom's avatar
Youre most welcome. :)

I think if anyone saw inside a battery farm of a general slaughter farm they would soon realise what was really going on.
Out of curiosity are you planning anymore work like this? xx
Ahyicodae's avatar
I think you are right. :)

As far as more work like this--probably not anytime in the immediate future. I am very fond of the work, but political art is always hard for me. I may try another piece sometime down the road, after I have done some more fantasy work.
DancesWithFreedom's avatar
Ive never done any political art myself. So i know it must seem hard.

I am however planning a series of photographs supporting CND-type events.
Im just trying to find how to go about that.

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UH our eyes Are on the front of our heads and we have pointy teeth WE ARE MEAT eating Predators that said Great use of color and A powerful image NIce job
peta2's avatar
This is great!

-Rachel from peta2.
kafytafy's avatar
man...i love steak (plz don't shoot me) but they don't have to treat them like that, ya know? i've always thought that they just kill thim or shoot them or something, but i was wrong.

AND that's a grusome-but-awsome drawing. fantastic job.
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I once saw a video of cows in a slaughterhouse. They were forced into this metal box-like thing, where they had their throats cut and their tracheas ripped out, then they were dumped out of the box into a small pen where they thrashed around in agony, unable to scream as they were forced, with electric prods, into another chamber to be butchered alive. Until I saw that, I always thought animals were killed quickly in some way; now I know that most of them are brutally tortured to death. How can anyone work at such a job and see this happening, day after day, and not be moved by it? I guess they learn to distance themselves from the animals' pain by pretending that animals don't have feelings. Subjects like this really force one to consider what it is to be humane--and what it is to be human.

Also, there is a well-known connection between animal cruelty and human cruelty. People who abuse animals often abuse other people, as well, so it is no wonder that the ones who make fun of animal suffering also show no compassion towards the suffering of their fellow humans.
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