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Dragon summoned from Hell

"When the summoner called
The dragon came
She laid the world to waste
Then slept again
In the fiery pit where all monsters dwell
The seventh circle at the depths of Hell"

--- Calarius, who was a very bad poet but a fairly decent summoner until the dragon ate him.

Originally I planned to do a living dragon, but all I had were bones to work with so there you go. This photomanip was created from images of dinosaur bones, a cockatoo, lizards, an impala, muscle tissue, and bat wings.

Credit to the cloud background goes to ~mgdeath5.

If you want to see the skeleton dragon, which I rather like, it is at: [link]

EDIT: Finally finished a living version of this dragon: [link]
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That's just awesome!
Midway2009's avatar
Incredible Hell-dragon! :eyepopping:
MichaelJohnMorris's avatar
Looks like something out of Doom. :D
ElementalJess's avatar
Wow I can just hear the epic music.. O_O
That's a Draco-Litch, an undead dragon, not a demonic dragon.
Other then that the art is quite well done, 10/10
mrweerd's avatar
note to self
1. get photoshop
2. learn how to do this crazy awsome shit

really man, that's just cool
MindTuber's avatar
Very cool photomanip. perfect done
waratteruNeko's avatar
:thumb305457815: Sup
waratteruNeko's avatar
Wait fail. [link]

Someone posted your art, etc etc and turned it into a yu gi oh card
EndragAnest's avatar
AGeneralCrazy11919's avatar
There are no words to describe how great this is.
BloodyScorpion7's avatar
Its amazing how you can make such a scary creature both elegant and beautiful.
SwiftStarr's avatar
O...O... This is awesome
Iccoluliblue's avatar
I can use this image to a site? I would say it is you who made it ^ ^
antitail's avatar
You are very talanted %) Most of all in this pic I like the rays of light shown through the wings. Excellent work!
xXxshadowsneakxXx's avatar
love it adding to my favorites
Jewel-fan41511's avatar
or summoned from hades. it might be that.
LYCAN747's avatar
divienassassion's avatar
beast, this looks like something from magic the gathering
someguy987's avatar
that is a beautiful picture i ccan think of no other words to describe it
Ghooostie's avatar
Wow, this is amazing o_O
Nyctograph's avatar
This is really cool!
I just wanted to inform you its been stolen. [link]
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