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Chinese dragon! Regent over the skies, she roams her domain, bringing with her a great storm.

Lower ranking deities do not mess with her. The phoenix challenged her for rule over the middle kingdom and was vaniquished. Not even Ninetails will tangle with the dragon, or attempt to trick or bargain with her, for the dragon is several millennia old and far too wise to be deceived.

... except by the Celestial Kitsune, who tricked her out of an ancient map once. It's a long story, and if the kitsune is ever caught by the dragon again, she's likely to be eaten.

For those interested, I have tutorials on photomanipulating a dragon:

Part I: Dragon Collage
Part II: Dragon Head
Part III: Lighting and Coloring

Thanks to *pricecw-stock for the snake stock! :)

Future possible projects include a phoenix, western dragon, and sea dragon. I will probably start with the phoenix, as I've been planning to design it for a while now. We'll see how busy things get. I may not be able to work on it before summer, but I've been wanting to do one for ages.
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So it is a dragoness? Very beautiful lady and glad you did not make the mistake:3
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Beautiful job :)
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I call upon you mighty Shenron! Grant my wish!
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Shenron the dragon! :D
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I am waiting for your mail reply, thank you!
MY Email:
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i WAIT  ....  
MY email:

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 I am beijingkadou.I had told with you about the printrights about the picture
 I like this picture very much ,and I am a MTG player,I want to use your picture to make some  tablemats.
So should we  talk about the price of the copyrights to do these mats?
Because we need a clear the resolution is bigger than 2000,the size of the mat is 70cm*45cm.Could you give me an    appropriate picture ?And could you tell me the ways to  give your the money?
Wait for your anwsers ,thank you very much .
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I really love this picture.I think this print is very excellent.
I want to buy this print's copyright to make some table mats.
Could you give me your e-mail address,and we may talk about it? Also,you can communicate with me .
My e-mail address is
Wait for your message.
thank you
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Sure, you can email me at ahyicodae at gmail dot com. :-)
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Very awesome dragon
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Gorgeous! I love how the dragon's body becomes an intricate knot!
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That's awesome!
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Can you make a certain picture for me? A lady with a snake and a dragon.
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its shinron make a wish
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I was thinking the same thing! Haha
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I had tried everything this was my opportunity knocking at the door ive finally reached the top youll see what I mean
this has been your time to shine
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I've been researching chinese dragons for a deck of cards... can I use yor pic for some ideas... mine won't look like yours in the same way yours doesn't look like a snake anymore.... ;) really nice job btw! You get your +fav wether you say yes or no... yeah! I like it that much :)

cheers peter.
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Wow this is amazing!
I'm doing an article about chinese dragon for a private blog for class, and I would like to illustrate it... do you allow me to use your work (with of course a link to your dA and one to this page) ?
Please please please :D
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