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HEY DUDES I'll be tabling at Otakon this weekend!! Table N09! I'll have a corner of keshii and jisuk's table ( and respectively) where I'll be peddling prints of video game characters kissing or whatever. Stop by and say hello!

if it's friday or saturday i'll probably be the one in a costume
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POSTING HERE just to get that contest entry off my front page. (it's old news, but yes, I won! Thanks for your votes!)

uhhhh I'm here for my semi-annual trying to get myself back to Deviant Art i guess, though now is a bad time because I am in over my head with thesis film animation work (plugging my you tube channel for my films again, it's here and haven't had a lot of time for free drawing in months.

ah well whatever. senior year is obviously stressful. anyway if they don't announce an FF7 remake in 2010 my heart will explode. happy new year!
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omgggg i made it to the finals of this contest thing! if you want to vote for me i am ENTRY 3, if you believe in my nerd dedication~~ so i could win ACC and the FF13 demo! or if you just want to see my collection of FF stuff that i've been slowing hoarding since i was 12 so you can laugh at my wasted life :heart: thanks a bunch if you take a look! :heart:
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I had NO IDEA there was a storage feature on DA. Now that I've storaged most of the things I am horribly ashamed of without the guilt of straight up deleting them, I can stop pretending my DA doesn't exist! hurray

Uh I don't have a DA film account right now, but if you're at all interested in seeing the animated short films I do at school here's a link to my youtube channel:

there's a Shadow of the Colossus fan animation on there, an original story called Reward, and one that was a collab with jisuk that we just finished up a couple days ago.

Thanks as always to new watchers and for your favs and comments.

PS: i've plugged this before but there's a lot more pages there now, if you like fantasy comics be sure to check out keshii's Winters in Lavelle RIGHT THIS SECOND HURRY GO
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Just FYI, here~~~

I only look at DA every ...few weeks or so at best lately, so if you send me a note it might be a little while before I see it! Sorry to everyone who's been writing with questions, not sorry to everyone who's been demanding that I draw one thing or another (no one likes that, guys.)  if you have an URGENT MATTER you can e-mail me (ahvia at aol dot com) but telling me i should draw some yami no matsuei fanart does not count as urgent, so don't do that.

happy new year and all that! i swear i'll try to keep updating here, thanks for all your comments!
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hey there are three soras in a row on my main page right now. obsessed much???

man oh man do i ever hate DA journals

i used to think i would use DA journals to write about art or whatever but that's just not a good idea

anyway i was recently accepted to art school so maybe some day i'll be a real artist *3*)/ until then i'll try to keep this page updated with fanart of over-drawn video game characters touching each other :heart:
Well, when I came back from my trip I noticed that I had topped 9k pageviews...

first of all THANK YOU so much everyone for watches and faves. :heart: :heart: :heart:!!

second of all, since...10k hits is ...well kind of a milestone, I thought I know...

maybe do one of those 'kiriban' thingers for once in my life.

I'm too lazy and bad at doing requests generally but 10k is a happy additional digitastic celebration of meaningless pageviews SO

if you screencap 10k for me i might do a doodle for you. :heart:
i didn't even notice it was coming up


it will likely be an ironic one.
THANK YOU EVERYONE for 5000+ hits!
I'm so so so thankful to everyone who comments and faves and even just takes a closer look at what I've put up here.  I really appreciate it. <333

Fortunately, I hit my own 5000 page view, so I don't have to tell anyone that I can't do any kiribans right now (not that I ever have before, but...)  I usually post a few things a month, but  art-wise I've been really busy lately with things I'm not ready to put on DA, though my latest post with RO cards was one big thing I'm glad to be done with!
Anyway, things should pick up  soon.

Thank you again for everyone who watches. :heart:
Man, FINALLY, I've kicked my own ass into actually illustrating backgrounds. I'm such a huge fan of story-book style backgrounds (the FF9 art book features all the line art for like, Linblum city, and it's SO AWESOME T_T) and I want desperately to get good at them. Lined BGs mesh better with my figures, which always have lineart because I'm not good enough at rendering/painting line-lessly. : O

So hopefully, coming up, I'll be posting here a flood of practice BGs (scraps if they're unfinished) in preparation for a Big Project.  I'm using RO screenshots from many angles to get a feel for an area, then using my basic art class perspective techniques to draw it.  One day, I might graduate to drawing real places, but the challenge of RO is drawing them from angles the RO camera can't go. : D  Ultimately, I wanna be able to make this stuff up.

Ahhh, my DevArt journal is really boring. XD Sorry guys, I only feel compelled to write art rants here, rather than :V :V :V-ing in my real journal about it. <3  I'm currently drawing so much that I'm getting hand cramps, but 80% of it isn't even scraps quality. ^ ^; (plus, my scanner is a huge pain so I only scan things that are better than scrap-quality, and as you can see that doesn't happen often! X D)
Hm. The style of coloring I've been doing lately... I like it very much.  I think it looks good, but I also feel like I've taken it as far as I am currently able, and though I would continue to produce nice looking pictures by using it, I've gotten bored with it. x_x  Lately, I'm obsessed with coloring skintones, especially faces, but I feel like stopping once a face is colored. X|  I ought to get back into working with cel-shading style... I don't necessarily prefer it, but it takes so much more effort and time to make a pic look good with cel shading that I feel more accomplished when it's done. I think that's what it is, anyway. XD Truthfully, my favorite coloring style ever is a mix of the cel-style and the blurred realistic look (only as realistic as color can be when contained by anime-style lines ^ ^;) but balancing them is not something I've been able to perfect. :x And when it's not perfected...that's the only time I feel like doing it. Good for artistic progression, bad for finishing pieces. :V

^and all that is just for people. Backgrounds are another story ;_( WATERCOLOR STYLE COME TO MEEE~~ ::torn between wanting vividness and washed-outness:: help
"by Nobody (0V, 0D, 0F, 0C) Dec 31, 1969, 5:00 PM"

roflmao this is what all my DevWatches are showing up as. ;_;> if it was just an error, that's fine, but why is the date 1969? That is incredibly random. :<


any of you out there who are actually familiar with making manga and comic effects and whatever have probably known this for a billion years BUT I JUST FOUND OUT OKAY >___<........ there are screentones for absolutely evey damn thing except the characters themselves ;____; things that I've practiced hard to learn to emulate WITH MY OWN water, leaves, lightning, clampfeathers, cityscapes, BLOOD, and YAOIFLOWERS. ;___; they make it so easy, wtf. I mean, I expected like the standard shading tones and some random clothing prints (argyle, chibi bunny heads!) but they have like...snowflake and playing card BGs and what the crap. I really don't know ANYTHING about comics and would probably would, in my confusion, try to eat real screentoning sheets if they were presented to me.... I just asked Kasey if she knew of any place to get Paint Shop Pro screentoning brushes and she directed me a site where i could borrow samples instead <3 a lot harder, but it's *more realistc*. :<   aaa bikkuri.
fine i didn't wanna be a manga artist anyway i wanna make BL games >:| THEY'LL need me to know how to actually draw that stuff. ::nose up::

now i know why all yaoiflowers look the same... ::sad sigh::

I'll post the picture that I'm screentoning here as soon as it's finished. T_T
Whoa, I just found a ton of old old art that I used to think was good. :<  I'm putting it ALL in scraps, because even though some of them are finished pieces of art (I even sold some at conventions ;_; omg) I'm too embarassed to put them in my main gallery...'cause I'm generally somewhat proud of my main gallery. :/  .....and a lot of this looks junkie to me now.

BUT. If you're a Kingdom Hearts (RikuxSora) or Gackt fan, go look. >o< Mainly I'm putting this stuff in to counter the disturbing amount of RO in my gallery, though I included some way-old RO pics too. *O* Gauze's hair seems to have grown over the years.<3

rofl old art is embarassing but IT'S MY HISORY :<
Did I miss a memo or something? I didn't even realize you could check a box to get a message about people's scraps when they were submitted. When I got comments on mine I was very freaked out because I know no one would just check my scrapbook randomly. XD  Anyway, since I know some people that I asked don't know about this and I certainly didn't....there's a scraps message feature for deviant watch too. ;-; I'm so dumb. ::CHECK-MARKS EVERYONE'S SCRAP BOXES:: I'll see them from now on. T_T
Um...yeah, so I just returned from a Tokyo Trip a few days ago, and like...

any photo of any street in that city is instant art, if you're a HUGE fan of city-scapes like me. So don't be surprised if you see me trying to pass off some of my classic tourist-y photos of the neon night-scape as artwork sometime in the near future. >_>;; It's almost too easy, but they're pretty, so I'm sure I'll put them up anyway. One or two at least. But for now, Gachapon! ::goes to post::
Yay! :D I'm happy about the scraps feature. I've been kinda wanting to put some junky pchat/oekaki stuff and unfinished random RP pics up but didn't want to junk up my gallery with junk. :d  Like my gallery is so great, uh-huh. 9_9;

P-chat and oekaki is weird for me, somehow I can sketch natural looking poses better when I'm in a hurry on pchat (because others can see me work and I don't wanna mess up a million times u_u)  and they look a lot nicer than when I'm trying hard with pencil and paper.  And for normal individual oekaki, my hands are looser because i'm not worried about wasting paper I guess. rofl. anyway, some oekaki I might want to turn into REAL pics later. not that that's important in any way. :D... I'm just rambling.
The other day I came across a DA page for someone who's style was clearly anime inspired, I mean, VERY clearly, and yet they got offended when people said it looked Japanese.  I've met others like this, who like to think their style is either original or at least NOT-anime/manga/game inspired (American)...and I hate to say it, but it is, and unless you drop everything you know about anime and drawing anime, it will continue to be so. o_o; Even when I try my hardest to do someone un-anime style (not American style, but say, realistic) there's still always a hint of it in there somewhere... the angular chin or the glittering eyes with more shine than they should have, or at least SOMETHING about nose shading.

*Note here than when I say anime, I'm talking about the Japanese style in general, as opposed to Disney (and yes, I know about the Disney/Anime thing) or American comics-style.  I know a lot of styles look more manga as opposed to something that would be animated, but I'm generalizing. Who's to say what is and is not Japanese style? Some designs break the mold, but 90% of the time it's a clear influence.

It's usually very easy to tell if someone is heavily influenced by something artistically, because it will show up in a particular character feature. People have mentioned that some of my pictures have a Yuki Kaori flare (Angel Sanctuary artist, guys...though I confess I've never read AS yet, only Count Cain ;-;) --well, she is listed as one of my favorite artists, so it makes sense, yes? (Such flattery, I'm a million years away from her art :x )

To wrap up (this wasn't supposed to be so long u_u;) it's okay to be influenced by Japanese style even if you're not actually into a lot of anime. Art Schools even have classes for American artists who want to draw in the manga style (is there a word for them? Probably...) and it's a very popular thing.  Japanese style is often very aesthetically pleasing so it's natural to take influence, and people shouldn't claim it as their own designs. u_u
So I was watching the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children trailer (again<3) today, and am (again<3) about it in general. Way back when FF7 first came out, I fangirled over it, but was too.... hm, young? Innocent?...too something to appreciate the ridiculous amount of yaoi fanart generated by the characters. Namely Cloud and Sephiroth. I looooved Sephi back in the day (still do) but I, Sephi x Aerith I think. Which is wrong on almost as many levels as Cloud and Sephi. But these days...... *-*;; This renewed interest in Seven should not only revive the fandom of the greatest non-con OOC yaoi couple ever (I think -o-; ) but possibly spur me on to actual fanart of something that's not RO (or before that, Yami no Matsuei~) for a small change.  Yes, I admit it, I am one of those irritating fangirls that everyone hates, but only....for FF7. Always have been. *o*,v,,

There's nothing like the phrase "three Sephiroth-clone guys and Cloud" to make me pick up a pencil. v_v;;  aaaaa.

Edit: I also can't believe Cloud's voice is Midorikawa Hikaru O_O I should have known that by listening to him (or taken a guess as soon as I found out about AC, since it would either be him or Seki Tomokazu)but  I didn't know. ;_;  I want to meet him again and have him sign my Cloud cardboard standee .____.

Edit2:  and  a big THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who's started watching me recently, I really appreciate it. *____*  DA really is a wonderful place for feedback. <333
rofl I'm having such a hard time picking out labels for my stuff. ;-; I guess since most of my stuff is digital I'll change it all to that? I dunno :x  ignore my labels i'm confused.