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By Ahvia
aahh i love that dissidia 012 has a world map. so much that they might trick me into replaying the entire first game just because the characters are now running around in a world map.
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Lovely Cloud ! ^^
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I love that Cloud's crystal is Aerith's white materia. Their connection is so beautiful.... just like this art!
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Get rid of the materia in his hand and he looks like he's going "Really bro?"
Cladelynn's avatar
Cloud looks like he's crying...Like me.
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This brings me so many memories... I really like your style and this is soooooo beautiful X333
KanmaruDragonUchiha's avatar
this looks amazing

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I almost wanna say it's actually Tamaki Suou (from Ouran Highschool Host Cloub) instead of Cloud...  The design is so damn familiar to Bisco Hatori's, it's hard to differentiate.

... Please accept this as a compliment more so than an insult.  I really like how you did this.  What was the hardest part for you to draw?
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Beautifully done
Lavandia's avatar
wow! that's beautiful! i really enjoy how you draw!
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Really nice drawing of Cloud, and I love the background! :D
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I like the world map too but it's almost like it isn't a world map. I mean you can only go to your objective, there's really no exploring (unless you're allowed to once you beat the original part of the game *only like halfway through the original stories*.
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awesome pic lov Clouds expression!
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oh HELL this is awesome.
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LOVE. cloud looks SO smexy XD
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@.@ OOOOOOHHH! Pretty Materia - MINE! *snatch**VROOOM>>>*
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Nice! I really love the colours and light :) Aw! I really want this game! >___<
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Definantly much better with them running around on a World Map instead of across a board. Either way it's an awesome game especially now that they introduced new characters into it. And I love the way you drew Cloud here with his crystal.
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