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omg I thought I submitted this ages ago.

anyway this is Cloud nerding out on his date and engaging in my favorite FF7 mini-game,


(lol this isn't very well drawn but it's an old pic and i know)
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Okay. This is hilarious.
jokuvaa666's avatar
Love all your stuff, should favorite more I think.
goomonryong's avatar
Hmm what? End of the world Yeah big meteor thing in the sky no prob......... But just one more lap before that.
IniStrife's avatar
Cloud the game nerd!
The reason he is my number one favorite XD <one of the many>
BETGOLD's avatar
cloud joy and tifa face palm are priceless XD
Izzy00707's avatar
Tifa's face palmFacepalm ....Love it!:happybounce: 
sentaiblade's avatar
My two characters Sentai and Trina in a nutshell.
VivanSolem's avatar
Who needs to save the world? XD
BigBoss113's avatar
This is the best picture on the entire internet
MKBrony's avatar
:XD: If only there was a real snowboarding game in the arcades...
HighRollerHydra's avatar
"Shouldn't we get going? Sephiroth is still out there!"
"Eh, Sephiroth can wait. I gotta break my record!"
Uzucake's avatar
LOL OMG, THIS PHOTOO. Jeez I love your artwork its so simple and fantastic LMAO I just cant get over this picture! I find it hilarous because Cloud is always so depressed and down in the dumps but in this he is so happy and joyful its hilarious to see LOLOL. If I could I'd :+fav: this 100times! I always just to go to the arcade room just to play that game.
TheChosenDragon's avatar
man I hated the arcade! It was so annoying
AtemuXYuugi's avatar
Cloud is so adorkable!
hattara's avatar
This is too hilarious!
souldaki's avatar
cloud - Yeahh!! I got it!! I'm REAL HERO!!
tifa -.../:iconfacepalmplz:
lawrenceskm's avatar
I would be joyful too....
XiwyCain's avatar
Hahahha, so funny! xD I love Tifa's facepalm xD
The most amazing thing. EVER. XD
d00li's avatar
this is so freaking cute! i love how cloud is jumping with joy.
Rolly-Chan's avatar
diskfire's avatar
Hehe, I cracked.
Is Tifa facepalming? :XD:
punkiemonkie's avatar
Haha, this is great. :XD:
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