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Final Fantasy VII World Map
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By Ahvia   |   Watch
Published: October 9, 2011
© 2011 - 2019 Ahvia
i can't believe I finally finished this...!
I've been working on it on and off for 3 years. it felt like something i really needed to make.

i posted wallpaper versions on my tumblr with a few detail shots and close-ups of the tiny pixel towns if you're interested:

EDIT: new uploads of the full resolution in four parts, one for each main continent: [link]
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Jekht Digital Artist
I love this map so much. Would you please post the full scale version in one piece? I'm trying to do a world building project and your map is so much easier to study than the ones I can find on Google for FF7 :)
TheMexicanThief's avatar
If you ever intend to sell a huge print/poster of this, I would definitely buy it.
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Hi, I make a ridiculous webcomic based on FF6/7 (Various heroes from both games are fighting Shinra, in which Kefka is a general, in the FF7 world but with the FF6 towns also shoved into it). Would it be possible to use this as the basis for a world map for the comic's site? Whenever a new version gets made, that is!
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Robom1982Student General Artist

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DeadShadow666Hobbyist General Artist
Wow you're amazing to make something like this!Good job!
SOLDIER-Cloud-Strife's avatar
SOLDIER-Cloud-StrifeHobbyist Photographer
arcana666gothic's avatar
arcana666gothicHobbyist Traditional Artist
WOW brilliant Job ,thanks
there r some islands that i didn't notice it :O
GazTV-inc's avatar
Excelent. It's hard to make out but I believe you even got all the chocobo tracks in there.
wo0dpecker27's avatar
wo0dpecker27Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow! i remember the days when i was playing FFVII in PS1., cool!
Kotlowski's avatar

The full rez versions don't seem to be available any longer. :(
nichodo's avatar
nichodoHobbyist Artist
WOW!!!! This is........ AWESOME!!!! CAPS ABUSE! :icontrollfaceplz:
I cant even find the words to describe how awesome this is!
FanFFX-2's avatar
I never really liked Final Fantasy VII, but I do love that map!
Mc-Robin's avatar
this. is aaaaaawwwesoome!
O O but the close ups all say "forbidden" D:
SeersSword's avatar
SeersSword General Artist
ZOMG :faint:
It's awesome! :happybounce:
agates-link's avatar
Okay, I think this really deserves a proper thought out comment, so... here we go?
The details are just phenomenal. I love how you not only drew in the locations, but also the way they're actually arranged when you go in and explore them. I love the contrast of places like the Gongaga reactor ruins, Nibelheim, Rocket town, and such are dull and barely there in colour, when compared to places with electricity and reactors. I love how the light of Midgar "can be seen in space", and the close up of Gold Saucer just sparkles like the entertainment district that it is.
(I am just squealing in delight that you have the arch at the entrance of Nibelheim, the slanted rocket in Rocket town, the cables from Corel to Gold Saucer, the tiny lights of Bugenhagen's astronomy in Cosmo Canyon, and basically everything that makes the locations actually recognizable upon inspection)

I love the overall composition of the map as well, how you can easily see all the terrain. Even the subtle slopes and ridges can be seen without being overbearing. Being able to see the shallow waters that connect the two 'halfs' of of the world would have been so useful when playing the same so many years ago! It's kind of amazing that if I take the time to really look for all the locations, i actually can see them on the map when zoomed out. I'm having a blast charting out the adventure route and finding the places as I go.

are you willing to share a fullsize jpg, or at least the close ups of more of locations? like Lucrecia's cave, Fort Condor, the Forgotten City and such?

I feel like there's still so much more to say, but I'm just a little too overwhelmed to come up with the right words! three years of work has definitely been well worth it!
Ahvia's avatar
AhviaProfessional Filmographer
hey! thanks for the comment, it warms my heart that the tiny details are being noticed and appreciated! ;A;

i just saw that you already saw my tumbl about it, HAHA i was coming here to link it to you!

it's so fun to go through the map and recall the order that you visit the places in game, I did the same thing while making it, and I wanted it to be something that would actually help while playing. i used to get lost on wutai when you get dumped there, trying to find my way around the mountains.

anyway thanks again! :D
agates-link's avatar
haha what can I say, I got uber excited xD
oh god yes! the many hours i spent trying to find wutai is a painful memory, LOL
and thank YOU for creating this masterpiece!! <3
Sunshine-GX's avatar
Sunshine-GXHobbyist Traditional Artist
You are awesome.
chrislea's avatar
Holy... o_o I think from now on I will use your map instead of the old one. That's amazing!
Yariyu's avatar
YariyuStudent General Artist
Wow, it's really cool! I love maps :3
DustinProvost's avatar
DustinProvostProfessional Digital Artist
Pretty awesome!
So worth it!
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