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Black Cloak

By Ahvia
(hello anyone who still watches me! i have like a century worth of backed up old art i'm about to fling at DA and see what sticks, sorry i'm about that)

my buddy firefly99 pointed out that cloud's AC outfit has elements of a "black cloak", would clone influence drive him to assemble more of it?
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I kinda like this crossover of FF x KH!!!!! I could see cloud as a member of organization XIII!!!!!!
HeartlessRose6's avatar
love it! also for some reason when i look at this it reminds me of the organization coats from KH
serenawarren14's avatar
this looks awesome!
Teici's avatar
The desing is very cool, so as the lighting.
I just think  need a little more shadow, for have a powerful contrast. But anyway, the picture and the colors look so great that the contrast is not that important XD
The way the lights are reflected in his clothes are very amazing !! I loved it ! Give the dimensional sensation that is necessary, so good work ;)
So I just wanted to say that this art look incredible *.*
Keep on that line =D
Uzumaki-Deidy's avatar
Cloud is beautiful !
Kitsune137190's avatar
angelfabeth's avatar
This looks really cool :D
jokuvaa666's avatar
Oh, that's an interesting idea. And your drawing looks good.
I-am-His-artist's avatar
Cool idea! Looks good :D
TyrantChimera's avatar
sorry, spamming favourites... XD
Dragona15's avatar
Oh Black Riding Hood :iconcloudeweplz: go over to visit gramma :iconrenoeweplz:, but remember, be aware of evil wolf :iconsephirothhurrplz:
FinalFantasyGenesis's avatar
Looks good... Props to you.
Miarath's avatar
Looks awesome!
rekka-alexiel's avatar
So many great Cloud artworks!! :love: These are great!!
TheChosenDragon's avatar
me: snuggles under his cloak* cloud I'm cold
cloud: ok
me: hug* and I know you are too.
airskai's avatar
Beautiful lighting!
reikohattori's avatar
namine07's avatar
One word - Gorgeous!:heart:
Pax-Aeterna's avatar
Life stream! -cue The Promise Land music- great work
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