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Nes Icons Pack

By Ahuri
So, as I promised, I'm back with the first Nes Icons Pack !

There are:
-Alimentation box
-Zelda box
-Zelda game
-Magic Toad !!!

Hop you like it!

I think I'm gonna prepare another Pack with the Gun etc. :D

the gun : [link]

the star : [link]
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Oh these look like I could just reach out and touch them! Wow!
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Wow..Best Icon ever..This is really cool and amazing.
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It's the best rendering of a nes by far, but the tv could be a little more "1980's".
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Thanks a lot! 
Do you have same icon but larger?
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I don't have bigger than 512x512.
What size do you need? On which icon?
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Ohhhh , sorry, now i see the other pictures xD. 
Thank you!
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OMG! I love this!! <3 <3 <3
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Thank you for the <3 :)
I hate to ask such a stupid question but am new to this site and can't work out how to download the images. Love the work. Any pointers greatly appreciated.
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Hey no problem :)
The download button is on the right column under the big pic :)
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this is great dude
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I thought Zelda cartridges had a gold plastic, not grey. At least, my dad's LoZ game does.
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Yep some of one have a gold plastic but a great part of the cartridges comes in a classic grey plastic :)
I will had a golden version ;)
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add to what?
You mean using the icon in OS?
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los voy a probar
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Cool thx to enjoy them :)
Thank you, kind sir! It is great to have these beautiful icons and for such an amazing console. You are rad!
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