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92 of my Original Characters by Ahtilak 92 of my Original Characters by Ahtilak
Hey! 92 of my original characters!... -_- I never want to draw again.

I actually drew this back in October (I think), hence why everything is tilted to the left, but I only started coloring it this week. It's weird how much I've learned over the last four months...

Now, from bottom to top, right to left, there's: Stella Zed, Spencer Mayonic, Myon Garin, Kelly Mayonic, Turret Mayonic, Asher Mayonic, Juardane Mayonic, Tristan Rogue, Amalie Shadowghast, X'm Hope, Adish Mayonic

Emma Spice, Qubo Spice, Zaren Jarren, Zachery Jarren, Auladin Mayonic, Kritter Jarren, O'Mai Mayonic, Dalibur Mayonic, Eli'zabeth Sahara-Lyntt-Mayonic-Rogue, Gibzo Sahara-Lyntt-Mayonic-Rogue, Demetrious Asper-Shadowghast-Sahara-Mayonic, Cruze Sahara, Amanda Sahara, Courell Hariet, McKella Pazori
Kaisley Mayonic, Sodium Mayonic, Venn Zed, Talif Zed, Siren Garien, Klese, Connifer Jones, Ariel Jarren, Illinay Jarren
Isabel Roue, Kwiver Mayonic, Grill Cinthar, Searien Uritine, Anabeth Jarren, Thrine Mayonic, Sallphyen Rogue, Mirut Sahara, Aunica Sahara, Seela Jones, General Jones, Curtlant Jarren, Lena Shindue, Kabe McKella, Ethel Loh
Dan Mayonic, Irik Spice, Jaco-B Eifa, Elisma Cinthar, Margon Mayonic, Niel Mayonic, Ky'ln Rogue, Rayne Loh
Heather Rogue, Sara Mayonic, Anna Mayonic, Peter Mayonic, Erin Rogue, KC Rogue, Granit Cinthar, Cione Mayonic, Liana Shindue, Polly Rogue, Falcon Mer, Skien Sahara, Cieria Sahara, Naller, Alex Mayonic, Rebecca Rogue
Christine Rogue, Imbacine Rogue, Maggy Rogue, Makz Zed, Naller Volnoposkasleoalos, Sydny Masons, Ula Petrescu, Thirim Arien, Girson Loh, Angie Rogue
Neskeno Kanaslor, Zeltepo Volnoposkasleoalos, Emper Rogue, Anthony Rogue, Penny Rogue, Pollestre Jarren, Natalie Kasadee
Poto To

As a completed project, I'm happy with it, though several individual characters make me cringe.

Advice to other people who want to draw this many of their OCs... Don't... Just don't... You don't need to put yourself through this... 99% do not recommend. Unless you're absolutely insane and have buckets full of spare time.


Fun Facts: Exactly one fourth of them (if I counted right) work on the Black Lighter.
                Natalie's a stupid head idiot.
                All of the Rogues are sisters (besides Emper, he's their dad)!... and they set my redhead balance off...
                The red people are aliens called koosee.
                The four armed people are aliens called dor.
                Poto is pretty much God. (But we call him Potato.)

                AND KABE!!!
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