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Enter Mirut by Ahtilak Enter Mirut :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 3 0 Colonel Tibet by Ahtilak Colonel Tibet :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 2 0 mayay sahlay (Pride Dear) by Ahtilak mayay sahlay (Pride Dear) :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 2 3 Sallphyen Sketch by Ahtilak Sallphyen Sketch :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 2 0 Finding Love Again by Ahtilak Finding Love Again :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 0 0 beeet' by Ahtilak beeet' :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 2 2 All Together by Ahtilak All Together :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 1 0 Baby Boy by Ahtilak Baby Boy :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 1 0 Never Give This Love Up by Ahtilak Never Give This Love Up :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 1 0 Be Him by Ahtilak Be Him :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 4 0 Moment by Ahtilak Moment :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 1 0 Won't Push You Away by Ahtilak Won't Push You Away :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 2 0 Just a Bite Victuuri by Ahtilak Just a Bite Victuuri :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 1 0 Banana (Teyelli) by Ahtilak Banana (Teyelli) :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 2 0 she/her/hers by Ahtilak she/her/hers :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 4 0 Gibzo by Ahtilak Gibzo :iconahtilak:Ahtilak 3 0


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Enter Mirut
Full Name: Mirut Crow Sahara (Meret' Koo Sarara)
Birthday: 23/01/2297
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Species: Koosee

Born Heir to the Crown of Sahara on the 23rd of January, Mirut Crow Sahara spent his early childhood studying privately under the Crown's advisor, Falcon Mer. From the time he was little, he's been eager to learn about the universe, often neglecting his lessons. During his time at Falcon's estate, Mirut developed a crush on Falcon's son, Nova. When he was fifteen, he cracked his soul after jumping from a flier garage. A week later, Mirut left Falcon's estate to live with his step-mother. Two years later, he finished his schooling and moved back to the palace. This was the first time Mirut met his father, the Crown. Mirut realized quickly that his father had little to no concern for him. Over the next six year, Mirut looked into information on the civil war, which had been vastly downplayed when he was young. Shortly after he turned twenty-three, overwhelmed by the realization the the rebels were right to fight against the monarchy, Mirut ran away, seeking out Nova.

Hey, hey, hey! It's my main character of my book, which's in beta reader phase:…

I intend to get up some more detailed profiles that don't reveal too much about the other main characters as well. I'm really bad and consistency and following things up though. -_-
Colonel Tibet
Um.... Not much to say about this. It's Colonel Tibet. She's a chill person.... Yup...

I think maybe this is marking a change in my style..? I think I'll still do stuff like a used to, but I really like these close ups with more detail. Whelp.... we'll see. I want to practice lighting more, not sure if that'll actually happen, but I suppose if it's on my mind, I'll subconsciously seek it out. Hehe, or maybe I'll actually go look up some tips online. Maybe.

One thing is: my current signature doesn't really match this style. I'll think that out too.
mayay sahlay (Pride Dear)
This is the mock cover for the book I'm going to try to write in Zondulen because that's the kind of crazy I am.
It's called mayay sahlay (Pride Dear). And it's a romance between and human and a koosee which is illegal. I still don't know if this is a good idea or not.
Sallphyen Sketch
Hehe, this is me being lazy because life sucks right now!

Journal History

Zondulen and kooseesee are sort of like the same thing, in a way like how a square is always a rectangle, but a rectangles not always a square. All kooseesee are zondulen, but not all zondulen are koosee. A zondulen is, in general, a part immortal, part mortal hybrid. A koosee is specifically a part tangible elemental, part human. Now a koomeebar! That's a koosee that's more than 60% human, e.g. Pazori, Falcon, Thrine, etc... In Sahara, they're really pure blood status, so koomeebar, and koosee-human sexual relationships in general are illegal! That's why it's weird that Falcon is the Crown's advisor!...
Also, note, koosee have red skin.

Yeah, none of that was much relavent, but I wanted this to be longer than what I actual wanted to say, which is: I just remembered a story I wrote in fourth grade for school, and my sister thought it was weird because I said the love interest had scarlet skin... I didn't know what scarlet meant back then, but now my excuse is, "She's koosee! Don't judge her!" So.... even way back when I was writing about zondulen and I didn't even know it.

Yeah.... I still just call them zondulen when talking to friends and family....... Even though that would be similar to using a racial slur to any koosee. But hey, it's better than the occasional time that I call them "the red aliens" which hasn't happened in a long time, but used to happen when I was talking to my mom because she'd ask, "What's zondulen?".... But as you can guess in an massive intergalactic universe with thousands of species, alien is the most offensive word you could call anyone.... That doesn't stop Kabe from calling Teyelli "that alien" though....

But we don't talk about Kabe.


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I'm a girl from Utah and... yeah!


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