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UPDATE: Happy Halloween everyone!  We got several great entires for the art jam, thank you all for your participation. There's still time to submit for the jam, I'd allow until friday of this week.
Hey you guys, it's been quite a long while since the last journal has it? Well I thought, since October's around the corner, why not start a Halloween themed art jam?
The theme of course is about Ahsoka dressed up for Halloween, which can be done as a drawing, a fanfic, or whatever other visual medium you can come up, even photography since I recently had added new folders for specific stuff like photos, memes and whatnot.
Remember, this is a jam, not a contest, it's supposed to be a for fun activity that will take the whole month to work on, and you are allowed to make several entries if you wish to.
All entries must be sent specifically to the new folder titled "Halloween art jam 2016"  As they are sent and approved I will be posting them to this journal too.

Ahsoka Costume by DarthSithari Barriss and Ahsoka at Halloween festival by DaiseyMae Ahsoka as Leia by EsmeAmelia Vampire hunter Ahsoka by RaikohIllust Darth Ahsoka by EsmeAmelia Halloween Barrissoka 2016 by RaikohIllust Barrissoka: The Resort Part 2Barrissoka: The Resort Part 2
The sun was setting on Planet Drachenwald, and though festivities would go well into the night, it was time for the Republic troops and their Jedi to return to the ship and to their duties.
Barriss and Ahsoka lingered for a moment, eating a soft candy from a stick.  The blue and green candy substance melted in their mouths and they gave a small giggle while Captain Rex manuevered the troops back to their shuttles.  The day had gone without incident, which pleased the Jedi and annoyed Rex.  The Captain sighed as he was ready to just admit that the large, city sized amusement park was just as it seemed.  No dangers ever came about as the troops enjoyed a small vacation filled with rides, meeting young women civilians to flirt with, and plenty of snacks to indulge upon.
But the sinister plots Rex hunted for were not in the Amusement park, but underneath.
The long winding tunnels were of Geonosian make, and ArchDuke Poggle the lesser was de
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Sleeping couple by Iliensu
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Twilight of the Apprentice by xxTheTruMan196
On a Journey Home Chapter IIt took Ahsoka the better part of the afternoon to find her way out of the Sith Temple, with its roof now closed again she had to track through the elaborate labyrinth that was the inside of the temple complex. She was exhausted both mentally and physically, she would have very much liked to just collapse right there, with her back against the cold stone wall of the temple, and just sleep for a few hours, but she could not do that now, she had to get off Malachor as soon as possible. This planet was sheeting with evil motivation, she could feel her life force slowly being drained to feed dark formless entity that constitution the temple.No, she had to get out. With that Ahsoka doubled her step and renewed her search for a way out of the dark corridors. Morai was still with her, the little Owl-like creature was either flying in front of her or perching on her shoulder emanating a light and shimmering glow of pure light, it was beautiful, and it gave Ahsoka the hope that she so desperately needed. “Bo won’t believe this” she said to Morai “she will say: Owl’s don’t glow in the darkunless you have fed her your lightsabreAhsoka that’s animal abuse” the female force user chuckled lightly of her own joke and then blushed sadly, Bo was very far away now and the young Togruta missed her partner.There were times Ahsoka still could not believe the bond she had shared with Bo Katan, the mysterious heiress and warrior Princess of Mandalore, terrorist turned freedom fighter, enemy turned to become friend… and then… then much more, so much more.Ahsoka being raised in the jedi temple could have never believed one person could ever mean so much to her, could constitute her entire universe, sure she had her mission, her duty and Bo had her own struggles too, but when they were together even if only for a few hours, all that worry, stress and obligation went away, absolved in their connection that they have shared in the force, their love for another. Ahsoka slightly chuckled again, shaking her head. ‘How could the Jedi be so wrong, keeping the Force for themselves and forbidding their members from the very thing all creatures in the galaxy shared: to feel one with others within the Force…’ But then again there was Anakin… who had fallen because of his secret and forbidden relationship with Senator Amidala…“What if my feelings for Bo will lead me down the same path?” she asked herself and MoraiAhsoka shock her head again “I’m getting distracted, I cannot afford this now, I have to get out of here, for my own sake as well as Bo’s,” she stated just for herself moving on again. When she has finally gotten out of the temple Ahsoka quickly decided to look for the Inquisitors TIE fighters. ‘Hopefully, they are still around here somewhere’ she thought. The best way to find them was to climb back up the outside of the temple again, to the platform where they have fought the Inquisitors and to look around from that higher vantage point. Unfortunately, she soon has found out that all remining TIE fighters have been destroyed, it was either Vader or Maul who have taken one of the three and destroyed the rest, the still shimmering fuselages in the mid distances proved that much. While walking by the Inquisitors slain bodies Ahsoka could not help but stop for a moment. “Such a waste of life” she said to herself, looking down at the lifeless remains of the Sevenths Sister, the young women remained Ahsoka to her old friend Bariss… someone who have also turned her back to her and have betrayed her. The Togruta women quicky looked away, more doubts, she could not afford, she started to walk away, but then turned back taking the lightsabres of the two erstwhile warriors. ‘I have managed to heal a set of kyber crystals used by an inquisitor before, hopefully I will be able to do the same with the ones in these two‘ she thought ‘I will portably never set foot on Illum ever again, so it is for the best I take any Kyber crystal I come across, if nothing else I can give them to Bo, she thought remembering the crystal she gave to the Mandalorian women a while back, which Bo now wears on a simple rope around her neck.“Come Morai, let’s see if we can find something useful in the wreck of those ships, maybe a comm unit I can fix” she stated letting the Owl settle down on her shoulder before taking to a run. Unfortunately, as it turned out there were nothing useful left in either of the ruined TIE fighters, Ahsoka took out what was left of their comm units, in the hopes of repairing them, but after like two futile hours she gave up. There was no food or water left in the imperial spacecrafts either, so she would have to suffer being thirsty and hungry for the foreseeable future.By this time, it was turning dark, or as a more accurate description, even darker and the blue-eyed ex jedi was very much exhausted so, Ahsoka decided to sleep for a while and then look for another way off the planet tomorrow.At least the electric fires still burning on parts of the destroyed ships gave her some heat, so she would not freeze over the night that was promising to be a cold one. She lay down on her side to the cold hard ground, Morai tucking in under her arms covering her chest and soon both fell into a disturbed, but at least somewhat relaxing sleep. ***Ahsoka indeed spent most of the next day looking for a way of this godforsaken rock of a planet, or at least for something to drink and eat, unfortunately with not much success. “Maul must have survived on something” she told herself, but now with 6 hours of searching behind her back, she had to agree with the more desperate part of her brain telling her that is must have been hate and the dark side energy pulsating from the temple that kept Maul alive and not any form of actual nourishment. The same dark side energy that relentlessly attacked Ahsoka’s mind and soul, detaching her from the cosmic force and draining her life force. She knew she had to do something about it, at this rate she would die sooner from the temple consuming her force then from hunger or even thirst. She knew she must get her life force back in balance so that she could reconnect with the force at large to protect herself, the sooner the better. For this to happen she would need to be in a deep state of meditation. Actually, being in such a state would have other advantages, her body would spend less energy so she could go on for longer, without food and drink. Ahsoka knew what she must do, but the truth was she was afraid of meditating, afraid of letting her mind wonder, not being focused on a single task, she feared what she would have to face when her mind was not focused, when she was in a deep state of mediation. “but do I have any other choice?” she asked herself, a painful and loud stomach grumble was all the answer she got.Ahsoka reluctantly walked back to the TIE fighter wreckages she designated as her camp, sitting down in the clean spot where she spent the last night. The Togruta warrior sighed loudly as she assumed a well-practiced lotus position, closing her blue eyes.“here goes nothing” she stated just for herself. Ahsoka begun to focus on her breathing, closing out the outside world, not letting her mind wander off track, as she breath in an out ever slower, she felt her heartbeat slowing just the same. As she went ever deeper Ahsoka was surrounded only by malevolent darkness, she found it harder and hard to stay focused, while the attacks on her mind became stronger… images of her past flew through her mind’s eye. Images of her leaving the Jedi Order, leaving… no not just leaving betraying Anakin and letting him fall to a faith worse than death… a faith Ahsoka just came face to face with only a day ago… Vader was his name‘NO! I must not let my self slip…’ Ahsoka forcefully tore herself away from the memory ‘I must find a way back to the light’ she continued fortifying her mind, repelling the mental attacks of despair, regret and utter darkness that surrounded and truth to be told in this weakened state terrified her. ‘I might have lost the Order and my master, but I have found others along the way, people worth fighting for, people who would fight for me too, unlike most of the Jedi Order’ she thought, images of the burgeoning rebellion appearing out of the darkness pushing it away from her just slightly; Bail Organa, the Fulcrum agents and the Phoenix Squadron: Hera, Sabine, Zeb, Kanaan and Ezra… she saved them just yesterday… and then there was… Bo Katan… the heiress to the Throne of Mandalore… and her lover… Ahsoka had to smile and as her lips curled in the real world her soul soured too, pushing back the darkness a little further this time. Yes, Bo Katan was definitely her significant other. There were times when the ex-Jedi just could not believe this to be reality… how their lives were intertwined in the force, how much the redhead who at their first meeting slapped her butt rather rudely meant for her now. This time Ahsoka not just smiled but a little giggle left her mouth prompted by the memory and the darkness was pushed back even further “Yes, I may have lost the Order and Anakin, but I have found myself and I have found Bo and have helped so many other people I couldn’t have otherwise… that the Jedi couldn’t have helped, having lost their way that is” Ahsoka actualized her thoughts and intuition.The mental image of Bo was not fading away as the rest of them, in fact the Mandalorian warrior was waiting for Ahsoka gesturing for her to get closer, to follow her and Ahsoka did so, in her fall through darkness she grabbed on the brightest memories she had, ones she shared with Bo, focused her mind and with one more push she broke through the siege rings of darkness surrounding her mind. “There you go princess, I knew you could do it” she heard Bo’s voice in her mind, now Ahsoka could see the light at the core of her being, where it used to be, where it always was, ever since Mortis.As the darkness around her rallied, preparing for another attack Ahsoka quickly entered the small bubble of bright light and could immediately feel the pressure lifting of her soul and mind “welcome back child” she heard the voice of the Daughter “You are safe now” The figure of pure light continued “rest and regain your strength we still have a long journey ahead of us, but only when you are ready” she stated taking upon the shape of a convor. “B-but what about Bo” Ahsoka asked worried even for the mental image of her beloved “Don’t worry she is fine; she won’t leave you” the Daughter said. Turning around she could see the figure of the warrior just outside the light shield, sitting, watching, protecting vigilantly. As the force image of Bo felt Ashoka’s gaze on her, she turned around, smiling and her “rest now princess, you are safe, I will protect you from the darkness.” And Ahsoka did so, letting the light and feeling safe and loved wash over her… just existing in that state of bliss and certainty. She did not know how much time have gone by when finally, she snapped out of it, feeling a lot better, ready for the next part of the journey ahead of her, but she did not care either. “what now?” she asked the Daughter “Now we restore your balance and reconnect you the cosmic force, so that you can withstand the attacks of the Sith Temple” the light being living inside Ahsoka answered.“When you put it like that… it sounds so straightforward” Ahsoka replied with bemusement, “but sure let us go for it” “You need to reconcile where you have been and find out where you are going, only then will your path be reviled” the Daughter gave further instructions“She is almost as wise ad Master Obi Wan” Ahsoka heard Bo-ghosts voice from outside the light barrier and she was surprised how much it calmed and relived her that Bo was still there, even if it was just a mental image her brain and the force conjured up, to lead her on her journey. “where have I been” Ahsoka murmured this time letting her mind wander inside the protection of the Daughters shield and just a she feared her mind went straight to the place she didn’t wish to confront… her master, or more precisely what have became of him … and how she just couldn’t save Anakin, regret and shame once again overcome her, but this time the emotions weren’t overtaken by darkness and soon those feeling turned to sadness, something she knew how to deal with, people to go to, Bo to comfort her.Her first reaction atop of the ziggurat was that of anger and revenge, but now she knew that although she truly wasn’t a Jedi, it still wasn’t her way and it seemed just wrong now, and somehow she also knew, she just felt it that there was still some good left from Anakin in Vader… but just as she told Ezra in the world between words that it wasn’t his call to save Kannan, it wasn’t her destiny to redeem Anakin, she hoped she will live to see that moment, when it happens, but for now she had to let him go, or risk being consumed herself. With that realisation washing over her, Ahsoka turned to look at the image of Bo that her mind conjured up to lead and to protect her… her future… she wondered… could it, could she be? Ahsoka had to admit it was tempting, she wanted to wake up in Bo’s loving embrace every day, she wanted to feel safe the way so only did when the Princess of Mandalore was around her and wanted to know Bo safe too, right next to her. “Could it be?” she asked herself, she knew the answer that this was what she wanted more the anything, but there was another side to her, a side Ahsoka lived by for so long and she was afraid she could not live with herself if she let it down.“I’m helping people that is what I do” she repeated for herself the old mantra “that’s my mission… but now I don’t know where that will lead me” her mind wandered back to the rebels…“that’s not good” she knew that is she goes back that could change the future and Ezra might not be there to save her… which means… well she did not know what that would have meant but it could not have been good. Not to mention if she went back that would draw even more attention on the rebels, from Vader and from the Inquisitor, no she could not let that happen it was time for her to stay away from the Rebels.But then where could she help, could do the most good? Soon her mind came with an answer, the Inquisitors, and their last incursion before they met on Malachor. The darksiders abducting force sensitive children, like back during the clone wars, Ezra also told her about young cadets with enhanced intuition being taken away from Imperial academies. Ahsoka could not imagine what dark experiments Sidious must be up for with them, besides turning them into more Inquisitors, but she knew it had to stop. “but could it be me?” she asked herself, the rebels did not have the time nor the resources… but… and then suddenly it all clicked, became bright and clear and her soul just so light as she felt her inner balance being restored, her universe turning back in order…just as her way became clear before her.Her personal motivation and her call from the force for the first time in her life aligned… it was there so clearly laid out before her: she had to take down the Inquisitor and save those children of the force and the best part was she could only do that with Bo.The Mandalorian’s were the best suited for this job, they were not as upfront in opposing the Empire as the rebels were, so they were not the number one target all the time, plus they had the established foundling system, that could help the kids find a family, like Ahsoka had back in the temple, or maybe even better and besides other force users Mandalorian’s were the best equipped to deal with young children with force abilities… Not to mention she could help Bo retake her home world and could just be there close to her. As all this became clear to her Ahsoka felt happier then in a very long time, sure she was happy with Bo when they were together, but there was always the fear and sadness of having to say goodbye, now this was entirely different, the bliss of knowing their life’s will be intertwined even more so and that the force wills it… was just overwhelming and Ahsoka felt a tear drop roll down her face in the real world. “I know what I must do” Ahsoka claimed in a loud voice and with a stern mental push and then with the image of Daughter on her left and Bo on the right, holding her hands, she stepped out of the small light shield and she pushed away the darkness with the light washing over her, reaching out to the sky and tethering herself back to the cosmic force, strengthening her mental shields and permanently sealing the darkness out. As the force wave pushed out of her washing over the temple grounds a familiar feeling drawn to Ahsoka two bright lights popped up just like when she was back in the caves of Illum, the Kyber crystals in the last Inquisitors saber, she felt them calling to her, as the temple drained their energy too. “there you are” Ahsoka said opening her dark blue eyes coming out of the meditation “if I’m to start a force foundling school…” ‘that sounded weird’ she thought “we will definitely need more kyber crystals” Ahsoka finally stood up, with renewed determination “Come Moira lets collect those Chrystal before the temple destroys them.” she called the little convor circling above her head. *** Now that she could feel the weakening light of the crystals calling her, it did not take long for Ahsoka to find the remains of the third inquisitor, the Sith warrior flew away from the Ziggurat using his damaged saber, falling to his death.On her way back to her camp Ahsoka tried to feel and activate a number of ancient sabres, to see if the crystal forming their heart could be salvaged or not, but those pieces were laying there on the ground for hundreds if not thousands of years and the dark energy of the Sith temple had drained their life force, rendering them just empty shells. A few of them light up, just as the one Ezra touched earlier, but within a few seconds they simple shorted out. After arriving back at her camp Ahsoka spent a number of minutes examining the Inquisitor sabres, it was an ingenious design with the individual light blades being able to rotate around a centre ring, but not without its drawbacks. Otherwise, the craftsmanship of them all was rather lacking, all three sabres were the exact same, expect for the battle damage. Probably uniformly manufactured from standard and subpar materials, at least compared to the care a Jedi took when selecting the materials for their own sabres. Ahsoka spent years collecting materials wherever she went to craft her last sabres and even after it was active, she kept up with perfecting them, adding and replacing parts of it, parts of Bo’s broken beskar armure being the last embellishment she added to them. Using the force Ahsoka slowly disassembled the darksiders sabres, one after the other, lifting out the crystals inside, not touching them otherwise, channelling through them her life force, healing them in the process. She collected the crystals in a little leather bag hanging from her belt while letting the rest of sabres just fall to the ground in a state of disassemble.The work of saving and cleaning a part of her past was rewarding, but she could not deny still feeling rather weak from hunger and thirst, hence Ahsoka was once again confronted with her current predicament “it’s great to have long term plans when one doesn’t know how she will survive the next day, or get away from a light forsaken Sith planet” she stated in slight frustration, only receiving low chirps from MoraiThe day was again nearing its end and the little sunlight that shimmered inside the subterranean chamber was quickly fading away, Ahsoka glanced at her chrono on her braces, synchronized to the shipboard day cycle on board Bo Katan’s vessel.Obviously, most planets followed different day cycles, still she kept it like that, it reminded her of home, somewhere stable in the universe, where she could be together with the one, she loved. ‘Bo must be sleeping by now’ she thought seeing the time her chrono was showing was way past midnight. Ahsoka imagined Bo Katan peacefully sleeping in her embrace, naked as she usually did, when it was not too cold, or they were not sleeping communally, maybe on a mission, it was something Ahsoka got pretty quickly accustomed to and took for her own as well even when she was alone… sometimes for her own and not the mention Bail Organa’s servants embracement.In her imagination, same as most likely in reality too Bo was only wearing the kyber crystal she gave her a while back on a simple rope around her neck, simple in its beauty and yet very mysterious, just like Bo herself was. Ahsoka often played around with the crystal while Bo was sleeping, feeling the Mandalorian warrior’s life force and feelings amplified by it, sometimes even her dreams, without having to focuses her force attention on the warrior princess, something Bo was not entirely comfortable with. ‘Wait a minute’ Ahsoka stopped herself in her thought ‘the crystal, I’d bet if I can amplify my force reach, I can find that crystal and Bo in the force… and with her asleep I can reach her unconscious mind to ask for her help.’ it sounded like a plan to, plus she did not have anything else to try. With that she reached to the pouch she placed the kyber crystals in, careful placing them on the ground to form a circle, she even used her own lights sabres to have 8 amplifying crystal instead of 6. Then she sat down in a lotus position in the middle of circle, with Morai hovering just above her head. Ahsoka felt increasingly week, the past few days have taken a lot out of her, she did not know how long she will be able to keep up the concentration level necessary to search for someone in the force, but she had to try it. She closed her blue eyes and started to focus on the kyber crystal hanging from Bo Katan’s neck. As the crystals started to glow around her Morai’s feathers above her head carried the glow too and Ahsoka have soon found herself floating in the dark emptiness of space, but this wasn’t the darkness she have had fought during her previous mediative session, it was just the vast emptiness of space filled with potential… with just the force flowing through her, guiding her, she begun the listen for the familiar vibration of Bo Katan’ life energy amplified by the kyber crystal, it wasn’t the crystal she was looking for, but the soul it became attached to. After what it seemed like an eternity of listening and searching, she could see a glistening light in the distance.“There you are” she whispered reaching out for the light so familiar, floating ever closer… just for Ahsoka to have found herself in a familiar corridor on Bo’s vessel. It was a Mandalorian Gauntlet star fighter, with its front troop deployment module swapped out for a long-range habitat module with a number of small, closet sized cabins on either side of a narrow corridor, the cabins did not offer much space, but they did at least offer some more intimacy compared to the communal habitat zone of the ships centre fuselage, just under the cockpit. As Ahsoka started to walk towards the small cabin Bo and she shared on so many occasions before, she had to urge herself, she felt her physical body coming to the verge of exhaustion, establishing the connection took more out of her then she first expected, soon she will not be able to keep up the necessary concentration level.As she reached the door of their cabin, Ahsoka took a deep breath collecting the last of her strength and stepped trough the closed door into the darkened cabin.And there she was, just as in her imagination Bo Katan sleeping in her bed, it was rather small yet still taking up much of the cabin and one they have shared on many occasions. The redhead Mandalorian as usual was sleeping naked, laying on her back, with her head facing the other way, the sheets only covered her up till her waist, the crystal in her neck shimmering slightly probably from the active force connection Ahsoka was desperately trying to keep going. “Bo” she stated in a low voice, no response “Bo” she said somewhat louder still receiving no response, the Togruta women did not know if her voice transmitted or not. Ahsoka walked closer kneeling down next to the bed.As she got closer the kyber crystal started to light up some more ‘maybe if I touch it…’ she thought as she reached out, as soon as she touched the crystal, she felt to connection come into focus, like she really was in the room, now the crystal was glowing with a steady light “Bo “she whispered again not wating to startle her woman, not even in this dire situation “Bo” she stated somewhat louder caressing her collar bone, slight of touch, feeling the soft skin under her fingers ‘incredible… I have never experienced such a strong force connection before’ Ahsoka thought amazed, but before she could continue marvelling, her attention was directed elsewhereGreen eyes stirred, still hazy from sleep, yet locking with blue ones, recognition did not take long “Ahsoka?” Bo asked surprised, sitting up abruptly even the memory of sleep out of her eyes “Hi” the Togruta greeted her with a warm yet wary smile “What’s going on?” Bo asked, “How did you… when did you get aboard? Bo asked confused“Bo I’m not really on your ship, this is… a force vision… I am in trouble, stranded on a planet… I need you to come for me” Ahsoka stated now really drained“making this connection is taking the last bit of my strengths, you need to hurry” she told the still dumbfounded Mandalorian “You can find me here” and with that using her last strengths Ahsoka burned the hyperspace coordinates of Malachor into the kyber crystal’s molecular structure and Bo’s memory. ***The sharp light and pain of the transition momentarily blinded Bo the next thing she could see was Ahsoka collapsing from exhausting and then the vision was gone. Bo immediately took off for the cockpit, almost stepping out the door of her cabin naked, she quickly donned her body suit, not bothering with the rest of her gear and ran of the corridor towards the empty bridge, the ship was on autopilot, the small handful of warriors aboard sleeping in their bunks.She punched in her activation code, overriding the autopilot, then the hyperspace coordinates Ahsoka gave her. As soon as the navi computer calculated the optimal route she pulled the appropriate lever sending the ship into hyper space.The next thing she did was reaching out for the comm, trying to reach Ahsoka on their personal comm channel with no succeed. ‘of course, if she would have access to traditional communication channels, she would not have contacted mi via a force vision’ Bo told herself ‘she is probably fine, just without a comm unit’ the warrior princess calmed herself, looking down at the hyperspace navi screen 12 hours till destination was what she could read on the screen ‘that won’t do’’ she decided opening the internal comm “Koska” she almost shouted into the comm “Yes?” came the groggy answer from the young Mando apparently not happy she was waken at such an early hour, at the moment Bo did not care, instead she gave a direct order“get to the engine room and bypass the hyperspace regulators, we need more speed” “But that’s… dangerous… “Koska begun to say but then reconsidered, probably feeling in her mentors tone it was something serious. “Ayay sir” she said instead “right away”‘Good girl’ Bo thought ‘I will have to thank her later and apologize for waking her up like that’ she continued, ‘but right now we have to get to Ahsoka as soon as possible’ As Koska took the regulators offline Bo could get another 12% out of the engines, it wasn’t super safe but Mandalorian ships were sturdy and she know her craft could handle it, not to mention through the exponential nature of hyperspace travel the 12% performance increase meant they have cut their travel time in half, 6 hours still felt like an eternity for Bo, but there was nothing more she could do so she went to freshen up, dawn the rest of her gear all the while hoping and praying for that they would get to Ahsoka in time....
The Ahsoka Chronicles - Claw Mouse. by verdenpark

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