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Journal and rules and stock and thanks for stopping by...

Hey, don't do anything I wouldn't do...and since I use other deviant's stock in my other account, I follow their rules like I hope you will follow mine.  Rather simple really:

- Give an Ahrum-Stock credit on your piece.

- Inform me of the use.

- No reposts in 'specialized' stock accounts without permission.

- If all you're gonna do is apply a color overlay or filter...don't waste your time.

- Any use outside of DA is to be discussed first, although sketches and class assignments are fine.

- Prints have the green light...and you better appreciate any money I make for you.

- On requests, I make no promises, but what does it hurt to ask, eh.

- Please, no retouches.  While a lot of work can go into a cosmetic retouch, I am not posting stock to see it shown     back to me magazine ready.

And don't forget to tip your space monkey.
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Good afternoon, how are you?? I work with arts related to black people, I would like to use this image to represent Oxalá, who is an African God. Do you allow commercial use of the image???