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hmmm I just finnished 25 volumes of GTO... and my head is really spinning...

This happens everytime I get an overdose of fiction. I get comsumed by it, addicted. I think almost of nothing else except of the fiction which I am currently reading/watching/whatever.

It happened when I read harry Potter, Naruto (several chapters in a row), Eyeshield 21, Samurai Shamploo, Heroes... you name it.... and now... Great teacher Onizukan (the manga).

The worst part is that I always get these ideas when I read fiction, as if the fiction already written isn't enough, but I start to get my own visions and story plots. I do know that Im not the only one to do so since if I were, there would be no fanart or fanfiction in this world. =P

But the questing Im currently asking myself is: should I just keep these ideas for my self, maybe even just in my head, or should I try to set them into action, and actually get it down on paper (in the form of writing, drawings or whatever the origional idea was about)? and should I post it?

well I guess being me, you never know what happens, maybe I'll suprise everyone and actually draw/write some of those stupid ideas I have.. or Ill just keep them to myself til I forget them or they become repressed when new ideas arises.
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Take a shot. Being a producer and not only a consumer is something worth striving for. Making a contribution to society, even if only a small one.

May be crap at at first (taking a look at my drawings =/), but stick to it and it'll eventually get better