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Persephone: Chapter II
A myriad of horses ran past her and swept around her; dappled grays, white mares, black stallions. Then they were gone. A field of grapes left in their wake with a row through which each had run.
Demeter took a handful of grapes and tested them, its juice glistened on her lips. She was pleased. She turned around and saw Persephone laugh. Demeter smiled and walked towards Persephone. She was wading her feet around in a pool of water, letting the cold sensations of its cool liquid play upon her ankles. "You too will learn how to create as I just did by using the land and natural elements that already exist," Demeter told her.
Persephone already knew this, for her mother had often said so over the course of her seven years. Persephone was no longer excited about the prospect of how she was to learn, she was now more curious as to when she was going to learn; the young only have so much patience after all.  But her mother's abilities never ceased to fascinate her, they often l
:iconcircesdaughter:circesdaughter 2 0
Persephone: Chapter I
The river has no end that a mortal eye can see, its depths are infinite. Sometimes it wails, sometimes it merely whispers. It holds the past and it holds a firm, unshakable grip upon the world; the river carries the dead; yet without it the Underworld could not exist.
Upon a further glance into the river a shot of light can be see for a moment in its murky, dark depths; it is not all black. Where ever one went in the Undworld, still one would hear the sound of the water lapping up against the shore. Upon the shore the details of the land can be seen. There is a wide growth of vegatation and trees that allow passion red fruit to sprout from its sandy, gray colored branches. The trees and plants are alive as an on the earth. But their life is not steady, it is made up of wind and changes. The life of its vegatation can be cut short suddenly without rational explanation. But its life also can revive in the next moment. Many leaves shrivel, but these same leaves flesh out again.
All of t
:iconcircesdaughter:circesdaughter 7 3
Persephone and Hades.
                                                           Ch. 1
                                                       (an excerpt)
            “Oh Anemone those flowers are beautiful!” exclaimed Aretha. “I think those red ones are araminta.” Said Persephone sniffing her own bunch
:iconrosepetaltragedy:rosepetaltragedy 40 6
Afterlife:Persephone and Hades
       There should have been fire. She was definitely expecting there to be blazing red fire, tortured souls, and Cerberus foaming at the mouth. Instead as she descended, trepidation eating away at her, she was surrounded by iridescent milky light filling a void of darkness. She clung to the stony wall as she continued slowly down the circling steps taking in the scene before her. Looking forward she was surprised by the layout before her. She paused for a moment taking in the landscape. Directly ahead of her was a forest of luminously vibrant trees. Leading from the steps and through those lustrous trees was a road of an almost opulent onyx color. She turned her head to the side searching for others or for any signs of movement and found none. And yet she had the distinct feeling she was being watched. Swallowing audibly she continued forward down the winding steps and onto the onyx road. Only then did she realize how she was dressed.
:iconwhitbunny:whitbunny 422 31
MYth: My Seasons Only by zeldacw MYth: My Seasons Only :iconzeldacw:zeldacw 856 42 MYth x Trouble Maker by zeldacw MYth x Trouble Maker :iconzeldacw:zeldacw 684 48
The Secret Heart of Persephone
She sat reflecting beneath
the moon's halcyon light,
the darkness entrances
and seems to call from
somewhere beyond,
and it makes her heart
stop her breath catches
torn between fear and
forbidden longing.
Sweet daughter of light,
receiver of life, whose beauty
shines within the sunlight,
and yet there stirs deep within
her alabaster breast the desire
for knowledge hidden unmeant
for one so fresh in youth,
the maiden crowned in daffodils.
But alas when she find herself
alone, to sit beneath a moon
bathed field, she hears the whisper
on the wind, calling her name,
speaking to that spot within her soul,
and she throbs to learn the mysteries
that only death can provide,
to go gentle into that eternal
She sings a quiet hymn
to her lover concealed,
that may she fall away into his
never ending embrace,
worlds apart they share a
secret mind, and awaits she does
for the day when he will draw her
away into his realm of darkness
unknown that so tempts
even as she trembles in fear.
:iconsilverwynd:SilverWynd 22 21
Her voice is the howl of the cold winter wind
The ice of her skin makes any man cringe
The dark of her hair blots out the sun
Persephone is come; winter has begun.
Down from above, to sit by her King
To her gown the shadows cling
Daughter of life, to death made wife
Leave behind the stillness of a dark winter night.
When she walks the Earth, the green things grow,
Men rejoice, the river Styx runs slow,
And who would think that her evil groom
Would, in his heart, for her make room?
Who could know the loneliness he feels?
Who knows that at her sight, he instantly heals?
Is it possible for death to feel love?
To mourn for his wife, so happy above?
In her heart does she dread the return to his side?
For she was unwillingly made his bride
Now his wait is all but done,
Winter has begun; Persephone is come.
:icon6hex6moondancer6:6Hex6Moondancer6 36 7
I think that where she walks it must be Spring.
She so loves every living thing; she'll lie
Stretched out on the grass, and smile at the sky,
Her time with me a dim, forgotten thing,
As if I had burst forth on fierce black steeds,
And borne her down to an underground hell,
Of drugs, electroshock and perspex cell,
And bound her there with pomegranate seeds.
It's cold here while I wait for season's turn,
For her to write, and bless me with her care,
Her words as warm and soft and light as air,
To tell me Spring has come to me again.
For at every spot where her footsteps fell,
The grass grows greener, and rose buds swell.
:iconscarlatti:Scarlatti 15 14
Rubaiyat: Persephone
Life springs from her flowering feet
like a pup that suckles its mother's teat
while her hair flows with the Phlegethon's fire
and curls into a shade of summer heat.
Her voice is far sweeter than the lyre's
like the innocent touch of two sapphires,
and her skin is a virgin alabaster
protected only by floral attire.
Her eyes are curious lavender asters
that know both beauty and disaster
A burning rosebush in Elysian pastures:
that bride to death, her love, her master.
:iconsaiyanprincesscat:saiyanprincesscat 16 25
Persephone's Season
When first she tasted Death's sweet fruit,
Temptation more than she could bear
Had caused her to bite into it
And save her from lonesome despair.
The world flew by in whirls of months--
Androgynous Winter without end.
The starving Earth could reap no crop;
To it her mother would not tend.
The dying cries of worn-out souls
Harvest's Demeter paid no head.
She swore the land would bear no fruit,
Until she saw Persephone.
The Gods on High were troubled well
On how to peacefully decide
How to return the Spring-time girl,
So she could stand by Mother's side.
But Hades would not five her up--
His ice-queen with a beauty which
Could even rival Venus fair,
As if by some unusual glitch.
And no one asked Persephone
If she did wish to see the Sun
And dance among the blue-bud flowers
And feel the sweet grass on the run.
So while this long debate went on,
Persephone sat shadow-throned--
Her auburn hair lying flat and dull,
Avoiding spirits while they droned.
Across the Styx the ferryman watched;
:iconvigilantmeadow:VigilantMeadow 8 25
persephone and hades part 2
                Hades walked right up to the dog and said something that Persephone couldn’t make out. Then he told her to come over, she walked cautiously up to them and stood still, Hades told her to put her hand out and she did. The beast lowered its heads and smelled her hand with one then with a giant tongue licked her. Persephone was so shocked she fell to her feet. The dog started to lick and play with Hades. “He really isn’t that ferocious to me and he won’t be to you, I’ve introduced you to him as an honored friend and guest of mine so he won’t attack.” He said while Persephone got to her feet.
                After a few more minutes of playing Hades summoned a small flying demon to get a gargoyle steak for Cerberus for dinner, and they went inside. Persephone looked around at Hades c
:iconrosepetaltragedy:rosepetaltragedy 26 8
Persephone Thesis: Essay
Persephone Thesis: Essay Component
"Happy is he among men upon earth who has seen these mysteries!”
It is generally accepted among historical scholars that the cult of Demeter and Persephone, or Kore, existed in Greece and the surrounding Mediterranean islands long before the traditional Olympian gods became entrenched. Her origins are Cretan . Like Aphrodite, the mother and daughter goddess represent a matriarchal form of fertility worship in the forms of crops and nature, and through this the cycle of birth, growth and death. This myth, however, has taken hold of imaginations from its evolutions into the Eleusinian mysteries of Ancient Greece, to the paintings of Victorian Europe, to today, each with their own distinctive takes and emphases on the story. Perhaps it is the fact that we know so little about the original tale of Persephone – the daughter of Demeter, goddess of fertility, snatched
:iconvyvianlee:VyvianLee 10 1
Hades and Persephone
Hades and Persephone: The Dark Divine
   In the beginning,there were three brothers. These brothers were gods, each who possessed a certain part of the world. Zeus was crowned king of all gods and goddesses, and was also deemed god of the skies; Posiedon was given the seas and was made god of horses and oceans. Hades, the eldest brother, was sentenced to rule the Underworld as Master of Death and judge of souls. His brothers and sisters all resided on top of Mount Olympus, enjoying watching the humans and occasionally messing with their lives for sport. They each were married and lived in happiness together.
   Hades, however, remained in the Underworld with no other companions than Charon, the ferrier of the dead, and Cerberus, his three headed dog who gaurded the Underworld. He longed for a wife, a mistress, a queen. And although he was perhaps the most handsome and attractive of the gods, they all feared him. Even Zeus isolated himself from Had
:iconisabellafae:isabellafae 11 8
The Thing About Women by Marise567 The Thing About Women :iconmarise567:Marise567 2,759 411


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