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Striding in flame by Ahpolki0513 Striding in flame :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 7 0 KNUS emblems concepts: pack 1 by Ahpolki0513 KNUS emblems concepts: pack 1 :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 7 0 Oldman Ember by Ahpolki0513 Oldman Ember :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 21 0
Clairvoyance CH3
Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY, but I do own all these OCs.
Chapter 3
Date: A few months before the formation of Team RWBY.
Location: Signal Academy
School. Most young folk dread the word. Often at times, it’s associated with boredom and pressure. The former from having to sit through lectures and classes, and the latter from trying to get a passing grade on their report cards. And for what? To get a job as some cashier in a fast-food restaurant?
This particular school isn’t like the usual ones, though. This one isn’t paving a path towards the simple worker, or an artist. Rather, this one is dedicated to one other idea. It’s as simple as the ones behind normal schools, but also far different: Combat.
Signal Academy is all about teaching one how to defend themselves and their loved ones. The world of Remnant is a dangerous place, teeming with entities that would nothing more than to
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Soliga by Ahpolki0513 Soliga :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 10 0 Motil by Ahpolki0513 Motil :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 16 0 Skorr by Ahpolki0513 Skorr :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 10 0 Winde by Ahpolki0513 Winde :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 8 0 Daxanere by Ahpolki0513 Daxanere :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 13 0 Carad by Ahpolki0513 Carad :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 5 0 Xyno by Ahpolki0513 Xyno :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 21 1
Clairvoyance: Chapter 2
Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY, but I do own all OCS in this.
Chapter 2
Dates: Uncertain. Two incidents have occurred within this documentation. One was during the winter before the formation of Team RWBY, the other around the beginning of spring…
Location: Somewhere within Mistral
It was that time of year again. Most of the wildlife had gone into hibernation, hidden within their burrows. The world (or at least this portion of it) was buried under a white cloak. Ivory gems descended from the heavens, gleaming in the light.
Many of the trees surrendered whatever green they had, and those that didn't were practically smothered in snow. A few shrubs here and there still stood, even fewer with some type of berries. The flowerbeds here have retreated into the earth, waiting for the warmth of spring. But not e
:iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 1 0
Clairvoyance: Chapter 1
Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY, but I do own all OCS in this.
Chapter 1
Date: Around two or three years prior to the formation of Team RWBY…
Location: Alhfer Pallas Orphanage (Somewhere near the Kingdom of Mistral)
Family. That was a word that people had always heard in their lives. At first glance, the concept is rather simple. Most people tend to think of it in the biological sense, reflecting on the concept of "parent" and "child". But there was more to this, as much as most people would like to believe.
Most people seem to think that blood alone would forever bind families together. Everybody has it in their heads that one would remain faithful to the rest for all of entirety. They think that families are invincible, immune to the forces of reality. As great as humans can be, they're all so flawed. And are often so ignorant to the harsh
:iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 1 0
Clairvoyance: Prologue
Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY, but I do own all OCS that'll appear here in the future.
A Brief Introduction
The office. Not exactly the most exciting place in the world. Usually you have to death with papers, often nothing more than walls of text. But this wasn't some white cage, some crowded workspace. Oh no, there was plenty of space in this room.
The room was littered with clockwork and emerald glass. The ceiling was a glass window, with an even complex mechanism above. The table bore a silver frame, stretching out to several feet in a curved angle. The chair behind appeared to be of a mechanical nature, judging by the hydraulics built into it. Behind them was a massive window, doubling as a massive clock.
The occupant residing within the chamber was a peculiar figure. He was a middle-aged man, bearing pale skin and hair. His eyes were a fading brown, hidden by tinted glasses. His garbs were e
:iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 1 0
Velika (Pre-Karzahni) by Ahpolki0513 Velika (Pre-Karzahni) :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 9 0 Janus (Pre-Karzahni) by Ahpolki0513 Janus (Pre-Karzahni) :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 8 0


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Just a dude that likes BIONICLE, Writing, and gaming. I'm usually more active on and Wikia.


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