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KNUS emblems concepts: pack 1 by Ahpolki0513 KNUS emblems concepts: pack 1 :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 2 0 Oldman Ember by Ahpolki0513 Oldman Ember :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 20 0
Clairvoyance CH3
Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY, but I do own all these OCs.
Chapter 3
Date: A few months before the formation of Team RWBY.
Location: Signal Academy
School. Most young folk dread the word. Often at times, it’s associated with boredom and pressure. The former from having to sit through lectures and classes, and the latter from trying to get a passing grade on their report cards. And for what? To get a job as some cashier in a fast-food restaurant?
This particular school isn’t like the usual ones, though. This one isn’t paving a path towards the simple worker, or an artist. Rather, this one is dedicated to one other idea. It’s as simple as the ones behind normal schools, but also far different: Combat.
Signal Academy is all about teaching one how to defend themselves and their loved ones. The world of Remnant is a dangerous place, teeming with entities that would nothing more than to
:iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 2 0
Soliga by Ahpolki0513 Soliga :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 9 0 Motil by Ahpolki0513 Motil :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 15 0 Skorr by Ahpolki0513 Skorr :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 9 0 Winde by Ahpolki0513 Winde :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 7 0 Daxanere by Ahpolki0513 Daxanere :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 13 0 Carad by Ahpolki0513 Carad :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 4 0 Xyno by Ahpolki0513 Xyno :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 20 1
Clairvoyance: Chapter 2
Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY, but I do own all OCS in this.
Chapter 2
Dates: Uncertain. Two incidents have occurred within this documentation. One was during the winter before the formation of Team RWBY, the other around the beginning of spring…
Location: Somewhere within Mistral
It was that time of year again. Most of the wildlife had gone into hibernation, hidden within their burrows. The world (or at least this portion of it) was buried under a white cloak. Ivory gems descended from the heavens, gleaming in the light.
Many of the trees surrendered whatever green they had, and those that didn't were practically smothered in snow. A few shrubs here and there still stood, even fewer with some type of berries. The flowerbeds here have retreated into the earth, waiting for the warmth of spring. But not e
:iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 1 0
Clairvoyance: Chapter 1
Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY, but I do own all OCS in this.
Chapter 1
Date: Around two or three years prior to the formation of Team RWBY…
Location: Alhfer Pallas Orphanage (Somewhere near the Kingdom of Mistral)
Family. That was a word that people had always heard in their lives. At first glance, the concept is rather simple. Most people tend to think of it in the biological sense, reflecting on the concept of "parent" and "child". But there was more to this, as much as most people would like to believe.
Most people seem to think that blood alone would forever bind families together. Everybody has it in their heads that one would remain faithful to the rest for all of entirety. They think that families are invincible, immune to the forces of reality. As great as humans can be, they're all so flawed. And are often so ignorant to the harsh
:iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 1 0
Clairvoyance: Prologue
Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY, but I do own all OCS that'll appear here in the future.
A Brief Introduction
The office. Not exactly the most exciting place in the world. Usually you have to death with papers, often nothing more than walls of text. But this wasn't some white cage, some crowded workspace. Oh no, there was plenty of space in this room.
The room was littered with clockwork and emerald glass. The ceiling was a glass window, with an even complex mechanism above. The table bore a silver frame, stretching out to several feet in a curved angle. The chair behind appeared to be of a mechanical nature, judging by the hydraulics built into it. Behind them was a massive window, doubling as a massive clock.
The occupant residing within the chamber was a peculiar figure. He was a middle-aged man, bearing pale skin and hair. His eyes were a fading brown, hidden by tinted glasses. His garbs were e
:iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 1 0
Velika (Pre-Karzahni) by Ahpolki0513 Velika (Pre-Karzahni) :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 8 0 Janus (Pre-Karzahni) by Ahpolki0513 Janus (Pre-Karzahni) :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 7 0 Lanous (Matoran) by Ahpolki0513 Lanous (Matoran) :iconahpolki0513:Ahpolki0513 7 0


Spherus Hau by EWG33 Spherus Hau :iconewg33:EWG33 34 16 MOC : Nektann drone + details and structure by vahki6 MOC : Nektann drone + details and structure :iconvahki6:vahki6 36 2 Jaller (Matoran) Turnaround by Tohkann Jaller (Matoran) Turnaround :icontohkann:Tohkann 101 15 The Element Lord of Plantlife by Vrahno The Element Lord of Plantlife :iconvrahno:Vrahno 39 18 Great Being Background by Master-Cehk Great Being Background :iconmaster-cehk:Master-Cehk 45 23 Last Moments by Bioniclechicken33 Last Moments :iconbioniclechicken33:Bioniclechicken33 37 5 Matoran Hahli Metru by clonedcharacter Matoran Hahli Metru :iconclonedcharacter:clonedcharacter 33 1 Inktober #1 (swift) Pohatu by geoastrocat Inktober #1 (swift) Pohatu :icongeoastrocat:geoastrocat 19 3 Onua, Toa of Earth by Matau228 Onua, Toa of Earth :iconmatau228:Matau228 24 5 Bionicle Elements by Bysthedragon Bionicle Elements :iconbysthedragon:Bysthedragon 31 81 Keyblade Master Ratchet by BlueStripedRenulian Keyblade Master Ratchet :iconbluestripedrenulian:BlueStripedRenulian 253 55 Sora/Kairi Redesign by ilaBarattolo Sora/Kairi Redesign :iconilabarattolo:ilaBarattolo 554 27 Rocketduck by KingdomBlade Rocketduck :iconkingdomblade:KingdomBlade 618 69 Kingdom Hearts 3 - Aqua by v0idless Kingdom Hearts 3 - Aqua :iconv0idless:v0idless 841 40 Nazis are just boneless demons by Ben10Fluid Nazis are just boneless demons :iconben10fluid:Ben10Fluid 138 16 Nick Valentine by StrangerSlyFox Nick Valentine :iconstrangerslyfox:StrangerSlyFox 80 3




KNUS emblems concepts: pack 1
Well, my first hand drawn thing on this site (I think. I'm feeling a bit loopy as I type this.) These are doodles for the Emblems of my RWBY OC Team, Team KNUS. What the hell does that stand for? Well, the name is derived from the word "Canus", which is Latin for "White Silver, Hoary" and similar meanings. Their symbols aren't the only ones here, though. A few belong to mythological figures and two belong to (potential) antagonists. Lets go over these in order, shall we?

1. Kaimana Canus Doran: Yep, the Team got their name from his middle one. When I created him, I wanted to give him something to stand out from the crowd. One trait being his eyes (they have central heteriochromia), the other being an item he carries. The latter is a... unique key-shaped thingie. It's mostly seen as a trinket for now. As for the design, it was heavily inspired by art for a poster for Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui. The head of the key is based off of the astronomical symbol for Pluto. If memory serves, it represents mystery or secrets, the search for hidden truths, and rebirth to name a few. Kaimana certainly has some secrets under his sleeves, as does his bloodline. The working name for it are either "Warped Secret" or "Pluto's Cloak" (I turned down the ones written down on the sheet).

2. Natsumi Tuemessia: The second member of the team, partner to the above character (and future love interest). She's an allusion to the Kitsune (or at least, the offspring of them), so she possesses their mischievous traits. She's a snow-fox Faunus with a Semblance that changes depending on the season. Colder ones grant her limited control over Ice, warmer ones over Air/Wind. It's name is currently "Protean", for those wondering, and no, this was created before the Maidens were revealed. Her Emblem is meant to represent the Kitsune, with the number of tails representing her age-group and power-level (max being nine). The current working name for it is "Mischievous Fox".

3. Ualan Kenneth Ferrer: The third member of the team; local mechanic, brawler, ship-master, and fellow prankster/partner-in-crime of Natsumi. His Semblance is "Biomechanics", which allows the user to manipulate mechanical objects. As for his symbol, well... here's a funny story. He originally drew a bit of inspiration from Hephaestus, the Greek god of metalworking and fire. He was gonna have mechanical legs, but one of my friends beat me to the punchline (and this was also before Volume 3 came about). He's now loosely connected to the figure in regards some type of disfigurement (He was born with a missing arm), and has to use antiquated tech to make up for it. His symbol involved the use of a Quail feather, which is still part of the description for him (for now). Working names for it are "Clockwork Quail" and "Feather In Gears".

4.Seti Koene: The final member of the team. A mute tribal from the deserts of Vacuo, he has to rely on Telepathy (or "Inner Voice", as it's called) to communicate with others. His trailer hasn't been released as of this typing (I blame writer's block and this cold for that), so this could be a bit of a sneak peek into him. He draws influence from early depictions of the Egyptian god Set. believe it or not, he was more benevolent in the ancient times, and I think a god of love to boot. He would've had some red in his colorscheme, but his teammate and Partner above uses red-and-browns. He's currently using colors like yellow and tan, but I may try to sneak red into it somewhere. His symbols are "Dust Devil" (he has Dust Tattoos) and "Outcast's Burden".

5. Next up is one potential antagonist, and it's a humanization (or Faunus-zation) of my BIONICLE MOC, Cigol. His name is Kehribar Volucris, and he acts as an information broker and mad scientist behind the scenes, having robots gather data and spy on people of interest for him. His first symbol is basically based off of this LEGO piece right here, and was actually conceived by :iconbioniclechicken33:. The second one is basically an aerial headshot of his bonkle incarnation in a stylized form. No name for either of these, so suggestions would be nice.

6. Next up is the first fanon mythological figure of mine, The King In Iron. Legends depict him as a pioneer in cybernetics, and ruled a steampunk-esq Kingdom centuries ago. Of course, he had a buncha skeletons in his closet, and did attempt to obtain immorality before his death. The current name for his mark is "Eternal Clockwork".

7. Yet another figure; Ynzomiux, the Dream-Walker. This cyclopian entity is said to wander through a pocket dimension that connects sleeping individuals, devouring their dreams and leaving them in blank nightmares. Such sites generate a great deal of negativity, and we all know company are drawn to such things. No name for this emblem yet, just doodles.

8. Oh, just the mark of a fallen evil overlord who possessed umbrakinesis. Legends say that the source of his powers was the Crown of Shadows, which shares its name with his Emblem. A pale witch and an emerald wizard confronted and destroyed his body in battle. His soul fled into the crown, but that was broken into a hundred little pieces to ensure he'd bother anyone again. The fragments  were scattered to the winds after that, and none have heard from him. Of course, legends don't always tell the full truth, and each has their own... reflections.

9. The Theater/Circus of Illusion; a traveling pack of actors and performers who have a love for the macabre and the beauty in darkness. Behind closed curtains they hunt devourers of dreams, such as Ynzomiux. And they aren't shy about probing folks' dreams in their hunt for such beings. No name for their organization's Emblem yet.

So which version of each symbol is y'alls favorite? I'm considering cropping and coloring some of these Emblems in Photoshop for later use, so I'd like to hear some feedback before I do so. Some of these aren't fully serious, so they might not get used at all. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. Now if you excuse me....Sleep 


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Just a dude that likes BIONICLE, Writing, and gaming. I'm usually more active on and Wikia.


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