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turkey Photo-Manipulation V.2

this is my first try on Landscapes Photo-Manipulation
it`s really fun and it`s not hard that it looks
i advise everyone to try to make one , it`s very good to exercise your photoshop skills and help you find out what you need to work on to improve yourself
if anyone want to know anything about this plz let me know
i`ll be happy to help :)

i`ll post the 1st version in scraps to see the details better without the texture
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Süper olmus Ellerine saglik :- )
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wow!! Amazing! :) very like it. ヅ
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it's such a nice peace of art! well done! I love it! I love all the details and I also all/together :) :)
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This is so stunning! :)
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You are welcome! :)
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wow this is beautiful! and great city of choice too! i think im going to try one myself. haha, but ill fail epicly in comparison to this one
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good job man. its amazing. u can help us also learn through tutorial. looking forward.
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thanks man.
ya i can do that but it gonna take awhile cuz i`m already in a middle of another one
please read the comments up, i kinda explained how i did it to someone
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ohh.. din notice that. ll check out.
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nice work :) i hope you can visit turkey because there is really fantastic and gorgeous...
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i`ll try this year isa
hope to make enough cash soon :)
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how ya ahmed u do Photo-Manipulation

we want an awesome tutorial for stuff like that
as usual :)
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it`s kinda easy
1st you need to have concept in mind
2nd search for pics to apply what u have in mind
3nd select,cut, mask, color wht ever u do to blend the pictures together
i`m kinda busy these days also i`m working in typography tutorial so i might not make a tutorial about Photo-Manipulation in the mean time
maybe in the future isa :)
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typography tutorial
wow i am w8ing for it
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ed3oly bs l7asn el tutorial da byt3aml men 6 month wala 7aga
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Great job, the composition really draws you in. I like how you gathered most of istanbul's monuments together
well done!!
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tslam ya m3lam rabna ykrmk
weh ya 3am el sho3`l 2ly 3aly da
masha2 allah el gallery bt3k gamd gedan :)
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very nice image.
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