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Decorations gimp brushes

gimp brushes
get them from here

These brushes were originally photoshop brushes and i convert it to gimp brushes
plz if some one want to Display them in other Places Must recall Source
if u like them plz post comment
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I have Gimp 2.8 it would not work. But thanks anyway! :)
świetne pędzle, oczywiście polecam :)
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ty, looks good, cant wait to use them
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I'm going to download it, it looks great!
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Sad to see that so many of these brushes are watermarked images from iStockphoto. I was hoping to use them in a project, but the watermarks make any high quality images impossible.
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Wow they are beautiful! Thanks for converting them.
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Downloaded, I love them. I never thought there would be so many in the package, but I love all the different ones that are in it. Thank you so much for posting these for people to use!
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Wow!!! *.*
I downloaded them, If I use them I will credit ^.^
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I just downloaded these and plan to use them! Pretty<3
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arigatou gozaimasu
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Arigato for the brushes

i make one
at here [link]
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Love them! Will definitely be using some!
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hello, I used your brush here: [link]

Thanx :D
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good work, i like them :>
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