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Someone noted me asking about my contest (the drawing Milly one ;) ) and what my room looks like from the door. I'm not very good at explaining my room so I just took a photo of it instead.
This isn't all of it but its the view from the door :) Hope its helpful.

Its easier to explain with this photo XD I took a few photos but this one turned out to have the most accurate colours. Its a very large image so you could zoom in if you need to.

I do plan on removing that wolf poster XD its old and I'm really not that into wolves :3 I should draw my own poster :la: it could be of Nai ^^
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GhostlyEctoplasm's avatar
I like the shape of your room :D
Is that wierd? XD
Ahleiae's avatar
Haha x3 I don't think so :) I like the shape of the room too (you know apart from when the bed was by the sloping walls and I used to bash my head when I woke up in the morning xD )
GhostlyEctoplasm's avatar
XD well yeah that can be a problem
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RaquelSchwarz's avatar
I love your window ;u;
Ahleiae's avatar
fonibo's avatar
wanna trade? lol jk ur room is aw awesum!
Drache-Lehre's avatar
Is your room in the antic? And I think you love wolves more then you admit, because it is not just a wolf poster I see. ;p I see Wolf blanket too. xD
Ahleiae's avatar
We don't have an attic :) but the bedrooms in our house all tend to have slanted walls ^^.
Naaa x3 I like them since I like all animals but I prefer foxes <3 If I liked them that much I'd have a wolf character but I don't have any x3. :giggle: If you knew how soft the blanket was you'd know I wouldn't care what is on it XD
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jfitz711's avatar
:0 Purple room.... WANT.
Ahleiae's avatar
All the bedrooms in my house are purple and/or blue x3
jfitz711's avatar
Lyra-The-Lost's avatar
Wanna trade rooms? ^^' I wish mine was as nice as yours :( :+fav:
SparrowPaw13's avatar
Oohh.... sweet room. Love the wall color. :]
Ahleiae's avatar
TheDreamAngel's avatar
Wow your room is awesome! 8D Very neat, too! I can't keep mine that neat because I share a room with my sister and she likes to leaves things untidy. :grump:
Ahleiae's avatar
Thank you ^^ :giggle: I try :3
D: I couldn't bare to share a room with either of my brothers. I used to share with my older brother but that was many many many years ago ^^ Maybe you should do what we did; we each had our own side of the room and we each cleaned our own half :D
TheDreamAngel's avatar
I try that, but my mom expects me to keep up the entire room because Ethel is hardly home, she's always out with her friends.
FoxPeels's avatar
How did you get it so clean!? Mine has cords and junk everywhere.

Also, I love the colour scheme.
Ahleiae's avatar
XD I don't have too much stuff in it ^^ All I really use is my laptop, tablet and pens so not much gets taken out or moved.

Thanks ^^
FoxPeels's avatar
Ah, I see. I have books,clothes and toys everywhere. I'd be screwed if someone were to bring a katamari through here. XD

You're welcome! =D
momo378's avatar
It is simple, I like it :). It is so clean and nice Wow i wish my room looked like that :D
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