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My C64 Collection
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Published: March 23, 2009
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10 Commodore 64:s
15 Joysticks
6 Tape stations
3 Disc stations
And 4 shoeboxes of tape games :)

When I was about 7 my father bought me my first gamingplatform witch was a computer called Commodore 64. I quickly fell in love with the graphics and the beautiful sounds. Years later when i started high school i started to collect c64 stuff just for fun and today i have collected many c64 computers and games.

This photo is taken a year ago or so, just wanted to organize all the stuff and put them into boxes. I have four shoe boxes with games now, I have chosen to only collect Tape games, i just like them better. love the format, the spinning sound of the tape when its loading and the long loadingtimes with the psychedelic colors on the screen.

I wont try to collect any more c64 stuff now, maybe just some games, there are still some missing that I have been searching for like, Archon, Breaker, Wiz of wor, the goones, Dig dug, Fred etc

Oh and dont miss my C64 Icons [link] that i created.
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It wasn't just games that could be run on them, our local library had dozens of program books for doing little projects - cue four hours of cramp inducing typing and you could run a text adventure on the screen or create a bouncing ball.

There were also programmes you could use to run little motors hooked up to the C64 - Meccano had program books and equipment that you could run by a computer program, like a small model of an elevator that would go up and down when you ran a program or an automaton that would move by computer command
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Kick-ass! You got game, dude~ I grew up with the 64 back when I was a kid!
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Wow... I remeber many funny hours with M.U.L.E., Archon and Fort Apocalipse... those were the days ;)
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Over the years I've trimmed down my C64/C128 collection....

I still live tHat computer!!

Great image!!
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I was a pretty crack programmer for the C64. I was learning a TON of assembly for that lil machine.

I did find out, that original coders, have a huge problem, going emulated. That's the real reason why I'm not coding C64 stuff now.

I just recently created a technique that emulates Apple ][e Graphics, ( I do half the work, DOSBOX does the other half), and am going to re-release an un-released game I had thought up when I was 10-15-ish.

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ahlbergProfessional Interface Designer
Hi Kiyote! Great to hear from a c64 programmer. And the Apple ][ sounds really interesting. Do you have a site where i can check out your releases?
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Amazing :wow:
I love that computer :love:
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ahlbergProfessional Interface Designer
Thanks! Yeah you gotta love the c64 :)
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snupi2001Hobbyist Photographer
My pleasure :D
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wow, this is the best collection !!
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ahlbergProfessional Interface Designer
Thank you! :)
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no way! :wow:
Amazing collection!
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ahlbergProfessional Interface Designer
Hehe Thank you :)
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ahlbergProfessional Interface Designer
Thanks :)
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