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December 14, 2009
Kyoto by ~ahlbergTotally clean, totally minimalistic, totally useable and totally sweet.
Featured by mrrste
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As always im aiming for a clean and minimalistic theme :) One Color, Three Fonts.
I ffffound the photo of the girl here [link]
Hope you enjoy this VS!
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omg i am glad that i found this. it looks just awesome as hell! WOW!
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It was the only style I used on my old xp machine, I think about porting it to Win 7/8.
the-kinslayer's avatar
Thanks for a beautiful clean theme.
plander's avatar
can u give man icons in the tray? and what programs in tray?
ahlberg's avatar
Hi! The icons in the tray is Miranda and mIrc. And you can download the icons for free from [link]
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thank u very much for icons, icons very nice, but sorry i can't find this miranda man icon like in your screen :)
plander's avatar
oh i find but not green :)
XDGJ's avatar
Thank you very much
I like it
Can you tell me what music player that you use on the screenshot ? :love:
nzard's avatar
yes, i totally approve this!!!!
Benny2191's avatar
this is great but how do i install it? :s
Benny2191's avatar
hey this is great but how do i install it? :P
NoFuckingNickName's avatar
damn your themes are hot as hell
good ol' easy-to-style xp :D
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Thank you! :) Yeah gotta love XP!
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My mind just exploded!!!!!!111!!!ONE!11!!!!!!
OMW this vs is beautiful!!
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Hehe thank you so much, glad that you like it! :)
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this theme is so minimalistic and only complain is that the white colour gets tiring on the eyes quickly. I would really appreciate a darker gray version, maybe like the linux theme elementary.
Way 2 go Man..............

Absolutely amzing....clean N clear piece of work.....
Looking forward for more beautiful axn
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UNkq's avatar
is this for Vista?

btw,Good Job :X:X
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hehe sorry its only for Xp. Thanks! :)
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This is exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks, great work.
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