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Yasuhiro Irie - An Interview with an Animator

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 18, 2011, 11:44 AM

I was asked to do a paper on somebody that isn't well know... Well I figured Mr. Irie wasn't well known... in America. So I figured I would do my paper on him. I managed to find him on Facebook, and asked him if I could interview him and use those answers in my paper.

:iconexcitedlaplz: He said yes. ;3

*All the answers were translated with Google translator... So they are going to not be perfect translations. I hope my Japanese was good enough though.

Q1. Where were you born and when? Did you grow up there?

A- Hikari, Yamaguchi Prefecture, was born in. I was living there until graduating from high school.

Q2. As a child, did Irie-san have any idea what your career would be when you grew up?

A- When I was a child (11 years), I thought of becoming a potter. Around the end of junior high school (age 15), wanted to become an animator.

Q3. When did you start drawing, and what kinds of things does Irie-san like to draw most?

A- In high school (aged 16 to 18 years) attended the classroom paintings. Studied drawing and oil painting there. At the same time, flowers and personal accessories, and drew buildings.

Q4. When did Irie-san realize when Irie-san wanted to be an animator?

A- He died at the end of the junior animators. Animators began work after graduating from high school.

Q5. Irie-san have done many different jobs in the animation process. Does Irie-san have one that he prefer? (Director, key animator, etc)

A- Director, storyboards, scenarios, most prefer to work for them.

Q6. Which one does Irie-san think is the hardest?

A- Can come up with better ideas A6 ·. Well be healthy, it is important the most important.

Q7. Many people, or at least my friends, know Irie-san for your work as director of Hagane no Renkinjutsushi and Brotherhood. While Irie-san were creating it, at first, did you ever think it would get as popular as it is?

A- I know that many people at work Alchemist. I am aware of. You are very happy. My previous job, I think many people are not known.

Q8. Does Irie-san have a single project Irie-san are the most proud of?

A- KURAU Phantom Memory

Q9. While Irie-san is working, does he have any habits that help him work? (Listening to music, drawing in the margins of your paper, whistling, etc)

A- Listen to the Sound Track of the work that participate.

Q10. Being a director, of any department, sounds like a very difficult task. Irie-san seem to be directing more often, does he want to direct even more in the future?

A- Yes, Forever.

Q11. Has Irie-san ever worked on animations other than anime or cartoons? (Advertising, video games, etc)

A- Small number, has been working.

Q12. I am actually an animation student, and I have been studying for about 2 years now. Soon, next summer, I will need an internship. Did Irie-san intern somewhere, and what was it like?

A- I do not experience a period of internship. Started work immediately.

Q13. I want to intern in Japan, and I, am working on making my portfolio. This is very difficult for me, so what kinds of things should someone consider while making an animation portfolio?

A- Unfortunately, I have an internship is familiar. As far as I know, I think Japanese animation company no internship.

Q14. Any other advice Irie-san can give an animation student about the road ahead. Any advice would help.

A- To become animators "draw a picture" is that it is most needed. The picture on the drawings. All objects should be able to draw a line alone. Ability to color is not very necessary. Character, household goods, buildings, cars, everything should be able to draw forth. Every day, draw a line drawing. Drawing, Drawing, and Drawing.

            Thank you!

            -Yasuhiro Irie.

-I hope he doesn't mind me sharing this with you... I just thought it was so awesome. :3

Again, I was so excited that he answered me and was willing to help me out. I felt bad asking him so many questions. ^^;

:iconhandsomeonionplz: Make sure you guys show him some love, and check out Phantom Memory. I have seen a little bit, and it is AWESOME. XD I do plan to watch more and do some fanart sometime. :3

Also, while waiting for his reply, I drew this:

The Fifth Sacrifice by Ahkward

I'll probably do one of Phantom Memory though... Better and I'm sure he'd like it better. :meow:

EDIT: I added what happened to my paper now...


I got a 100% on my paper of Yasuhiro Irie. Ehehehe

Thanks for reading! I love you guys. :la:

Katie aka Wolfie

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