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One Single-Day commission Slot

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 28, 2015, 2:04 PM

So, I finally diagnosed my streaming problems. It is simply my connection. I had some help last night from KageveGonswic about solutions, but I talked to others today and I'll need a direction connection via ethernet cable.

The issue is that the LAN line won't reach my desk, and with everything going on right now, it'll be too hard to add a second or longer line. So I'm going to need a Pwerline Network adapter.

(According to Google)
What do powerline network adapters do?
You need at least two Homeplug adapters for a Powerline network. You connect one to your router via Ethernet, and plug it into an AC wall socket. You plug the other into a wall socket in a room too far away for a good Wi-Fi signal, and it gives you one or more additional Ethernet ports.

These vary in price, and while I have the money atm, I need that money for my credit card payment in 5 days. So I'll be opening a special commission slot from one of these. This adapter is what will allow me to stream and make recordings via these streams. I need these recordings for Patreon and Youtube speedpaints for my commissioners. I also need it for skype calls and screenshares I do with my private freelance clients.

I will do this commission today and post it tomorrow. If you get a traditional one I'll be able to scan it tonight as well. I am capable of doing a full color in a single day. I've done it before.

Payment can only be by paypal. Sorry!

Am also open to Full Color if you want to put out that much. Here is my price sheet and examples of Full colors below.

**Full colors vary in price by SIZE and number of characters. All include BGS and Full body characters. If you want a full color but a headshot or bust or something, note me and I can offer you a quote.

If you want a full color without the color (just the inks), note me for a quote. These prices below are for all color.

1500x2100px =  75$ + 15 for extra chara
2100x2100px = 100$ + 25 for extra chara
2500x2500px = 125$ + 25 for extra chara
3000x3000px = 150$ + 30 for extra chara
3300x4200px = 200$ + 40 for extra chara


Lo pailoenyao! by Ahkward

YCH - Desert Pears by Ahkward

Energy + SpeedPaint Video Added by Ahkward

Here are the rest of my commission types.

Commission Price Guide by Ahkward

Please note or comment for the single slot!

Skin by blissart (modified by Ahkward)
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Submitted on
September 28, 2015