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Need place to stay - NewYorkComicCon

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 20, 2015, 7:26 AM

So there is a decent chance that I will be attending NYCC, however in order to save some money I want to see if there is anyone wanting or willing to let me stay with them during the con. The convention is in the Javits center on the Husdon and I'd prefer you be close or at least have access to the subway system so I have transport if it's too far to walk.

Javits center by Ahkward

1. I'll be in Colorado, and I'll be flying to NYC likely through LaGuardia Airport, unless you are on the Jersey side of the Hudson.

2. I would like to fly in on October 6th or 7th (Tuesday and Wednesday) and fly out on the 12th (Monday).

3. I don't need to be picked up from the airport, I'm happy to pay for a taxi to and from the airport, so if you can offer me to stay, but can't transport me, that's ok. I can also pay for my own food too.

4. I'll be at the table all day everyday, so I won't be able to walk around with you if we both attend the con. Sorry. ;-; However after the con shuts down for the day, I'm happy to hang out and go do some fun things. :la:

5. I'm a female, so I'd would PREFER staying with other girls, however, I might consider staying with a guy.

I'm happy to offer compensation of course! I am trying to save money and if you'd like to let me stay, even if it's just a couch for a few days, I'd be appreciate it! I can offer money, discounted /free art / free commissions, free Naor comics as they come out later, etc. I'm sure we can work something out because I'd feel guilty staying there for free. x-x

So if you are able to let me stay, either comment or note me! I'd super appreciate it. I'm asking now because I'd like to book a flight while it's still relatively cheap.

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll consider!


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July 20, 2015


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