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Naor Submissions - Updated!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 9, 2014, 4:11 AM

EDIT 10/18

So I have gotten a few notes asking where the pages are. It seems the scheduled submissions got messed up or I didn't do it right. I'm getting to it guys to get it all sorted out and resubmitted! Sorry! It was supposed to submit one page at a day, but I think I didn't file it right or this new update got in the way. I have no idea what happened. ;-;

I showed my pages to some people while up in New York and they actually gave me some nice crits, so I'll be editing those pages slightly!

Sorry about the wait!

--- End EDIT

Due to there being a pretty even split in the poll, I have decided to release Naor slowly over the next few days. Many people expressed concerns, either on dA, FB or skype, that they might not have access to PDF openers or what have you.

So I will be putting up all pages as their own deviations.

AND in order to save you all the agony of a spammed inbox, which was also mentioned as a concern, I will upload a few pages each day.

AFTER I finish these 16 pages, I will continue to upload the next pages as I slowly finish them from now on. For now, here is what I uploaded.

** The comic pages also now have a separate folder in my gallery! If you haven't seen it yet, please be sure to check it out.

->>… <<-

Naor Volume 1 - Al Coda - Cover by Ahkward  <da:thumb id="487337903"/>  <da:thumb id="487338000"/>  <da:thumb id="487338085"/>

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October 9, 2014


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