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Metrocon + Adopts

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 11, 2015, 12:35 PM

I'm not going anymore.

Even though I bought the ticket online, I simply cannot afford the gas money and I know if I go I'll have to pay for parking also and that's like 10$ a day. I just don't have the cash for that. Sorry if anyone wanted to meet up by going, I gotta watch my funds first.

Now for the adopts, I am planning on throwing my hat into the ring and see how this goes. The species I am going to be making is one some of you may have seen before.

Pegra redo 3 small by Ahkward

This is a rough version (most up to date I could find) and it's obviously not finished. I still have various details to work out. Also ignore the text, I was in the middle of getting his anatomy and never finished it. ROFL

This are Pegramkre (Pegra for short) and they are actually a species from my Naor comic that I feel would do well for adopts.  They are essentially the original storm gods (though don't let the name fool you) and tend to influence the weather of the island varying from drought to floods to wind to just about anything.

Each Pegra is unique in a few reasons. Each one has an "Element" for lack of a better word ATM. This describes their magic specialty and type. Some of these may not seem clear until I show visual examples.

Nature, Earth, WAter, Fire, Time/Life/Death, Air/Basic

Then, in addition to an "element" / magic, they each have unique markings or body changes, colors, patterns based on a single "object" that influences them.

Nature = Plants based
Earth = Mineral/Metal/etc based

Water = Water based plants and animals and forms of water (swamp, river, ice etc)
Fire = fire based, dur (not a lot of variation here except in color)
Time and Life = Based on other forms of creatures (animals only)
Air/Basic = Clouds and weather based

For example: Say you have a Nature based dragon. Those are plants, you can base that dragons design off of any plant you want, roses, bamboo, water lily, moss, grass, trees, etc etc.

Or you could have a EArth dragon based off of Agate, silver, gold, etc.

BUT, you could NOT have say, a earth dragon with an influence of clouds. Nope, gotta stick to it's element. There are some that could cross borders, like a water lilly. That could be both water and nature. So dragons from either element could be influenced by that.


The element defines the type of magic and the affinity defines what influences the appearance.

and one more thing: they all have human forms too. All pegras are of human descent since there is only one full blood left, the king of pegras. I'll write a better journal about all this later.

Now are they open? Not yet.

I might plan on eventually making these an open species. However I want to keep them closed at first until I have the ref sheet/s ready to go. I'll likely make one for each element to help people in making one. I'm still unsure since I want to use this as a means to make money. I might open them later and make customs for a fee and sell ones I make like Tatchit does with her Feonix, or I might make them entirely closed. IDK yet.

It'll honestly depend on how popular they get and how well they sell.

I am going into this because I need income and I'm seeing dA is turning into "Adoptable Land" so I'm having to evolve what I do to make sure I can keep up. u__u So please don't snap at me for getting into adopts too, as I've seen some artists get hammered for doing so.

I hope you'll find these interesting and I'll post the first few later today. I'll likely make one of each element to give you all an idea of what they are like. Then from there make batches of each. As for the pricing? Likely they will be dirt cheap. They will all be the same price and I'll make a commission widget to pay for them on my profile once I post those. I'll also open custom ones for a little bit more, still cheap though.

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Jenny2-point-0 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm more than willing to pay for my commission now if you need the funds Ahk. Please don't hesitate to ask ^^^
But I understand what your saying. More Important spending need to come first.

Oooh they look lovely. With the increasing popularity of flight rising I can see these guys doing well.
Ahkward Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I'd rather you approve the sketches first. I just need a scanner. ;-;

I agree, that's why i chose a dragon species. XD
Jenny2-point-0 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Arr I see. That's fair enough, I understand. Take your time~ there's no rush ^^

Haha nice. They have "elements" like them too haha
Ahkward Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Well, I have been working on these dragons for years, since 2012/2013. So I had given them elements a long time ago. Since they aren't a species you see early in the story, I haven't been working on them any further until the last few months. i had these long before I even knew of flight rising.
Jenny2-point-0 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd imagined you'd worked on them for a while. But i was just referring to the fact that'll be another reason people might favour them. the "element" factor [=
Rare-Imaging Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015
Dragon like species
I loves
I wants O_O 
Ahkward Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I'll be posting more today hopefully
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